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For a long time – too long – the mirror that India held to its face was made elsewhere. 'What writer about the country would you recommend I read?' first- time. The Unknown Known | Granta | Magazine | Granta Magazine//The-Unknown-Known?view=arti 1 of 9. The Other 9/ ShareThis. |. COMMENTS (0). The Other 9/11 | New Writing | Granta Magazine 1 of 6. 4/11/12 4:

Copies written by hand on precious paper and adorned with rich illustrations gave way to printed versions intended for a rising merchant class eager to peer into the hidden world of the court. English readers such as Virginia Woolf found, to their great astonishment, that the genre of the novel, supposedly a great European achievement, had been invented hundreds of years earlier, halfway around the world.

In The Written World, I follow paper from Asia to the Arabic world, where this cheap and flexible material fueled the golden age of Arabic letters. It also ushered in a new type of literature, a collection of stories told by the unforgettable Scheherazade.

Paper left a trail of literary innovation, but also of repression, from the Index of Forbidden Books to book burnings. The Russian poet Anna Akhmatova even decided to burn her own poems after committing them to memory, out of fear that Stalin, who cared more about poetry than was good for poets, would disapprove of them.

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But in the long run, paper always won, outliving the oppression of powerful institutions such as the Church or the Soviet Union. Murasaki, the first novelist to celebrate the power of paper, would have been pleased. In order to learn Chinese letters, Murasaki had to spy on her less-talented brother being tutored until she knew Chinese better than he. For communication, the Court used a system of short poems, carefully written on and wrapped in precious paper, whose grain and color carried additional significance.

Each poem, full of insinuations and in-jokes, demanded an answer. How long would the recipient have to wait for a reply? Would the recipient get the point?

On such messages rested matters of state. We have unusually deep knowledge of the Heian Court because Murasaki did something else with paper: she started chronicling its uses.

Murasaki set her tale a hundred years in the past to avoid political repercussions, but her courtly readers recognized themselves in her pages.

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Twenty-one : the best of Granta magazine

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In his novels The Post Office and Factotum, the work place is the main topic. Ali's Brick Lane was widely praised. Cancel Save.

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There are a lot of examples of this in the novel Factotum: Volume 5, pages The stories that we find in Dirty Realism are sad and angry. Sample: VAZ 1 records. Over the time it has been ranked as high as in the world, while most of its traffic comes from Russian Federation, where it reached as high as 56 position.

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