This is a compilation of Linux manual pages, converted to HTML. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this compilation of Linux manual pages . Man pages in all versions of Linux are stored as specially formatted and compressed text files, so it's difficult to share them or read them on. The Linux man-pages project documents the Linux kernel and C library interfaces that are The project provides manual pages in the following sections: .

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If you know the name of the Linux command, function, or file you are interested in, type it in: To see the full list of Linux man pages for a section, pick one of. If groff and gropdf exists on your Linux system, you should be able to use man - Tpdf man > (note the absence of a space between -T. Linux > man-pages gropdf translates the output of GNU troff to PDF. a comment line to end of PDF showing statistics, i.e. number of pages in document.

Many other previewers will need a manual update. Important note: the acroread program on MS-Windows locks the pdf file, and prevents new versions being written, so it is a bad idea to use acroread to view pdf files in preview-continuous mode.

It is better to use a different viewer: SumatraPDF and gsview are good possibilities. There are some other methods for arranging an update, notably useful for many versions of xdvi and xpdf.

Note that if latexmk dies or is stopped by the user, the "forked" previewer will continue to run. Successive invocations with the -pvc option will not fork new previewers, but latexmk will normally use the existing previewer. At least this will happen when latexmk is running under an operating system where it knows how to determine whether an existing previewer is running.

Inactivity means a period when latexmk has detected no file changes and hence has not taken any actions like compiling the document. Therefore if an initialization file is specified by the -r option, it is read during this second step. Thus an initialization file specified with the -r option can override both the standard initialization files and previously specified options.

But all of these can be overridden by later options. In most modern versions of these programs, this results in a file of extension. Latexmk will then use this file to improve its detection of source files and generated files after a run of latex or pdflatex.

This is the default setting of latexmk, unless overridden in an initialization file.

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If a particular option is given to latexmk but is not handled by the particular implementation of latex or pdflatex that is being used, that program will probably give an error message. There are also options that are accepted by latex etc, but instead trigger actions by latexmk: -help, -version. Finally, there are certain options for latex and pdflatex e. These options do have entries in this documentation.

See also the -logfilewarninglist and -logfilewarninglist- options.

Also reduce the number of informational messages that latexmk itself generates. This is useful to override special configurations.

If no relevant custom dependency with an appropriate source file is found, and if the -use-make option is set, then as a last resort latexmk will try to use the make program to try to make the missing files. Note that the filename may be specified without an extension, e. In that case, latexmk will try making drawing. This option overrides any previous definition of the command lines.

This is the default setting. The default is to view the "highest" kind of requested file in the low-to-high order. One example of is use is in conjunction with the -pvc option, when you want latexmk to do a compilation automatically whenever source file s change, but do not want a previewer to be opened. This is after latexmk has completed all the runs it needs to try and resolve references and citations. Thus -Werror causes latexmk to treat such warnings as errors, but only when they occur on the last run of pdf latex and only after processing is complete.

That is, use xelatex to process the source file s to pdf. This option is equivalent to using the following set of options -pdfxe -dvi- -ps- [Note: Note that the method of implementation of this option, but not its intended primary effect, differ from some earlier versions of latexmk.

Latexmk first uses xelatex to make an. Only after that does it make the pdf file from the. This procedure can result in considerable savings in run time, since the xdv-to-pdf conversion is quite time-consuming when large graphics files are used in the document.

Options -p, -pv and -pvc are mutually exclusive. Lines starting with and blank lines are ignored. The code for each character given in the font file must correspond to the code in the default encoding for the font. Every character in the font file must exist in the PostScript font, and the widths given in the font file must match the widths used in the PostScript font.

Note that gropdf is currently only able to display the first glyphs in any font. This restriction will be lifted in a later version.

The download file itself is also searched for using this mechanism; currently, only the first found file in the font path is used. This default uses the same fonts as ghostscript uses when it embeds fonts in a PDF file. Specifically, the following is supported. This is to support the align command in gpic. Many of the other commands are already available in other macro packages. This command can be introduced using the macro. If producing a non presentation pdf, i. This pair of commands is what implements the.

The mom macro set already has integration with these extensions so you can build slides with mom. If you use present. All other ps: tags are silently ignored. This means that you can alter the page size at will within the PDF file being created by gropdf. If you do want to change the paper size, it must be done before you start creating the page.

In addition, gropdf supports its own suite of pdf: tags. If alignment is -L the drawing is left aligned. If it is -C or -R a linelength greater than the width of the drawing is required as well. If width is specified as zero then the width is scaled in proportion to the height.

This is useful for reversing the direction of glyphs in the Dingbats font.

Linux tip create a PDF file from a man page

To return to normal printing repeat the command again. Info pages in browser. Though it is not asked in the question, I include it as general reference. The command is below: Anwar Anwar I was also considering the portability as major option and concern.

Honestly i never meant to view the Installed man pages in Html format sorry if i was unclear about that in question , since i use XMAN though not html for that which is more convenient for me.

But really thanks for other options. The doc-Central part in this answer solves one of my Unanswered question, i tried this and it works, if you want to post the doccentral part in detail as answer here , i will accept it.

Thanks for help. You can use wget to download the entire website. Web-E Web-E By which i was able to get the Man Pages as it is from the website. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. Featured on Meta.Note that individual manual pages have different authors and distribution terms. If you do want to change the paper size, it must be done before you start creating the page.

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You can use wget to download the entire website. However, you'll always be able to see the text on the screen—on the printed page you may get truncated text or missing paragraph breaks. This pair of commands is what implements the. If latex encounters an error, latexmk will keep running, watching for. Any of the parameters may be replaced with a ".

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