by Jennifer L. Armentrout. ·. ··21, Ratings. This is a stand alone novel that is an adult spin-off of the Lux Series You do not need to read a Lux book. Covenant series [3] Deity - Jennifer L. bloccocverbnerbe.cf KB. Covenant series [4] Apollyon - Jennifer L. bloccocverbnerbe.cf KB. Read "Apollyon The Fourth Covenant Novel" by Jennifer L. Armentrout available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Originally.

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Jennifer L. Armentrout - convenant 04 - Apollyon - dokument [*.pdf] Praise for The Covenant Books “Whereas Deity unleashed a pivotal point in this saga. Apollyon (The Fourth Covenant Novel) by Jennifer L. Armentrout, available at Pure (The Second Covenant Novel) (The Covenant Series) eBook: Jennifer L. Apollyon (The Fourth Covenant Novel) DOWNLOAD PDF/ePUB [Jennifer L. Armentrout] pdf download.

One person found this helpful. I have been waiting on pins and needles for this latest installment in the Covenant series by Jennifer Armentrout. I really enjoy this series. Alex is snarky and kick-butt but is also thoughtful, honest and full of integrity. I was a bit worried how the transformation from half-blood to Apollyon would affect her personality. I should have known JA wasn't going to let us down!

While I felt in this book Alex and Aiden were a little too lovey-dovey, I recognized, as I read the last word, that they deserved the time to indulge in their relationship.

Both fought long and hard to bring the real Alex back from the brink. I think Alex finally realizes that she is her own person and that no one can take that from her unless SHE allows it. Overall, in Apollyon, Alex becomes an adult.

She embraces her power, begins to strategize what is best for the people she loves and for the world as she knows it and she makes hard decisions. Very little of this book has Seth directly as an influence in it. This story is about Alex and Aiden. How trust, hope, love and determination can shape outcomes they weren't sure could be controlled.

This story is about family. Those you are born with and ones that you choose to belong to. It was beautifully written and while I am an admitted Jennifer Armentrout fan-girl, I promise that if this story had sucked I would have been sad to say it, but say it I would.

Honestly, the only downfall I could find with the book is that there are quite a few typos and for me, at times, they sort of took away from my momentum and emotional connection because there is a lot of action and emotion is this book! If you have been with this story from the beginning and have read Elixer then you MUST read this one. As soon as I am done this review, I'm reading it over again, slowing my pace this time to really enjoy the story and the nuances.

It's just a fantastic book! Thank you Ms. Armentrout for an outstanding story!! Shelly - [ Events at the start of the book tidied up the previous novella, and I did enjoy "evil Alex" probably more than I should have.

Then when all was good and Alex and Adrian's relationship heated up, I lost a bit of momentum with the story. But about half way through, the action picked up dramatically, and I've been very reluctant to put this down until finished. It has been great, but I have been dragging my feet in places, I think I've been ruined from other YA series where the characters are a lot more mature.

The action and fight scenes are stellar though, and I love that Alex when not being whine or pouty is a kickass heroine when under pressure, and gets the job done and saves the day without a man.

See all reviews. site Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about site Giveaway. This item: Set up a giveaway. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. I just loved every single second of it and it is without a doubt my favourite book of all time. Alex has connected with Seth.

Unaware of her previous state of mind and her feelings for Aiden, Alex knows only one thing. Seth is her other half and she needs him. Aiden is determined to bring the real Alex back and won't give up on her. But Aiden is still reeling from the fact that he had to put her on the Elixir. If Alex comes back will she ever forgive him for doing the one thing he promised not to? And will they have the strength to defeat Seth and Lucian and stop a war with the Gods from happening?

One this is for certain It's fair to say that I have been dying for this book for a long time. I absolutely love it and the ending of both Deity and Elixir had my dying for more and needed to know what happened to these characters next.

This is without a doubt the best book in the series so far. One thing I adore about this series is that you never know what is going to happen next. The books just get better and better the furthur through the series you get.

It's just phenomenal. One thing Jennifer is brilliant at is throwing you twists and turns that you would never see coming. I never saw that coming! I was literally left on the edge of my seat all the way through the book, freaking out and quite frankly scared to finish the book as I didn't want it to ever end and I just knew Jennifer would throw something in there that would leave me speechless and dying for Sentinel.

I don't want to say too much about the characters as I don't want to spoil anything but Apollyon was the only book where I wanted to smack Alex Pivotingaround, I hurried up the stairs.

Marcus and Solos waited in the narrowhallway. Walking past them, I shook my head. Her not eating was a hugeconcern. Solos snapped at my heels. There was anunnatural stirring in the air, a fissure of power.

A god-like power. Solos held up his hands. Or do we let her rot in the basement and starve to death? I like Alex.

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His head jerked back as he staggered to the side. I shot forward,grabbing him by his shirt, and slammed him into the wall, rattlingseveral paintings. Doyou understand me? Armentrout Solos straightened, cupping his jaw. Upon taking one look at Apollo, my eyes narrowed.

I kind of liked it that first time. I crossed the room and brushed back aheavy curtain. Night had fallen over the tall elm and oak trees. Solos snickered, and thenwinced. Moving to the leather sofa, Marcus sat. The eerie whites of his eyes crackled, and the scent of burning ozonefilled the room.

Marcus shook his head, but I raised my brows, unfazed,because honestly, nothing really fazed me anymore. Adry, biting laugh escaped me as I pushed off the window. That alone holds an appeal.

He snapped his finger and there was a burst of raw powerthat rolled through the room like a shockwave. A blue light shimmeredbeside Apollo and a human shape began to take form. A man—nearly seven feet tall, with a crop of spiky blond hair—appeared.

He bore a striking resemblance to Apollo and shared thesame, all-white eyes. Dressed in cargo shorts, flip flops, and a JimmyBuffett shirt, he looked like a college dropout. And he was a god. Apparently some of the most pissed off, too.

Marcus shot to his feet quickly and bowed, along with Solos andme. Not that the god noticed. He turned to Apollo with a fierce scowl. Like I have nothingbetter to do? He stretched out his long legs and rubbed thescruff along his chin. Partof me wondered if he was drunk now. I started to move but stopped.

Coiled tension lockedup my muscles. Even Solos had paled. Everyone 12 Rage rendered me speechless, and before I could recover, Marcusspoke. Dionysushas gained information that has all of Olympus preparing for war. Damn near the size of an army. They have moved to just outsidethe Tennessee Covenant. My brothers and sisters are watching themclosely. If Seth and Lucian went after the Council there, the godswould retaliate again, and more innocent lives would be lost.

My choices were to allow myself to become indentured and 13 Armentrouthave everything that I am stripped away from me, or this life, which isone that most likely ensures an early grave. How is that freedom? And if Lucian is tempting them with theidea of choosing their own destinies, then can we really blame them? Marcus leaned forward, clasping his hands together.

See a Problem?

He is always accompanied by the First. If one of us is weakened, so are we all. We cannotallow that. The body count will includemortals—possibly millions of them.

There is no way that can beavoided. Those four words brought forth images of Alexcradled against my chest, talking about Seth just a few short weeks ago.

It sort of struck me then. None of us—not even the two gods—reallyhad foreseen this a year ago. Armentrout Dionysus stood. It took everything in me not to leave the room and go downstairsto keep vigil over Alex. Solos eyed me and cleared his throat. Therewere never supposed to be two Apollyons—never the possibility of aGod Killer. Stopping, he draggedhis fingers through his hair. Armentrout There was the distinct impression that there was more. After a fewmore barbs directed at Apollo, Dionysus vanished, and a little bit of thepressure seeped from the room.

Apollo laughed dryly. I sighed. And it has to do with Alex. Turningback to me, he nodded. We had spies.

Hands fisting at my sides, I stalked toward thedoor while Solos continued to gain information from Apollo about theSentinels hunting the Order. Two narrow shadows crept along the wall of the hallway, and I wassure the two thought they had James Bond stealth. More like two of theThree Stooges. How long had they been standing outside the room, andwas I going to strangle them both? I stepped out. Deacon jumped back, knocking into an equally unprepared Luke.

Instead of being angry overhim eavesdropping, I was just relieved that he was here with me, whenthings seemed to be crashing down around us. I arched a brow. Elixir Luke shook his head. We could help. I knew her ties to those deathshad gotten to Alex. Are you serious? I had a decision to make—send them away or treat them like theadults they almost were. Luke was—or had been—months shy ofgraduation. I nodded. Following theminto the den, I rolled my eyes when Apollo arched a brow.

His right handabsently spun a nearby globe. Apollo grimaced, and I knew this was going to be bad. If wecould somehow reach her and break the bond, would she go after Seth?

And did I even want her to? She could get hurt… die. He blinked, and bright blue irises appeared. I had to lookaway, because it reminded me of how Alex hated the god eyes and howApollo toned them down for her. A temporarybreak in the connection was better than nothing. He pushed off thedesk. Who inthe hell is Ananke? Deacon looked at Apollo, his nose wrinkling. Youwant to put Alex on the Elixir. Apollo,absolutely not.

I was like a geyserseconds away from erupting. He stopped beside Marcus. Ananke has assured me that it would break the bond, and theeffects would only be temporary.

Because it sounds like it is to me. At some point, Alex will discoverwhere she is. Then what? Seth will come for her and transfer her powerto him, and it will be all over.

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There will be no second chances. In that instantI was this close to finding out if I could actually take out a god. Theonly thing that stopped me was the fact that I knew Apollo was trying tohelp us—help Alex. Apollo looked around the room for help. Solos stepped back, raisinghis hands. Clearly struggling for patience, Apollo paced the den. How I felt for Alex, if there was any doubt heldby those in the room, was now painfully visible.

The thing that had kept her up at night, that hadhaunted her steps like a vengeful ghost. I spun around. Lea stood in the doorway, as tall and thin as her olderhalf-sister had been.

Her cinnamon-colored hair was pulled back in a 22 Elixirtight ponytail. Dark shadows spread under her eyes and her cheeks weregaunt. She inched into the room, glancing at Apollo and then the rest ofus.

Lea hada point. But the Elixir—that was different. Lea sat beside Deacon, folding her small hands in her lap. He rubbed his brow, facestrained. As much as I hate the idea of doingthis to her, it will give us more time. Can you go to them and see what the outcome is? If she willbreak the connection herself? Or if there is some way for us to do so?

You knowhow they work, Aiden. Armentrout The threat hung in the air like thick smoke that choked the occupantsof the room. Marcus just looked sad, almost beaten down by it all. Soloswas pale, probably because he thought Apollo was seconds away fromknocking me through the wall.

Lea and Luke stared at the floor, facesdrawn. Did the two younger halfs feel the sharp bite of guilt for agreeingthat Alex needed the Elixir, knowing what it would do, what it wouldmean? They were too young for this—for this shit. So was Alex. So was I. The only person in the room who now watched me was my brother.

Apollyon (Covenant, #4)

A faint, sad smile appeared on his face. I think she would understand why. Ifought the urge to shake it off. And to hit him—to hit something. Buthe was suffering, too. Gods, did I ever know. Alex feared losing herself to the First—to Seth.

And it had. Thesting of that festered and rotted inside me, but agreeing to the Elixir wasno better. Stepping away from Marcus, I dragged my fingers through my hair. No one really talked for a few moments. The silence was as bad asmy threat. Finally, everyone started talking, tossing around more ideas. The best efforts just added to the hopelessness of the situation. Apollo finally approached me. Elixir I wanted him to just leave, but I nodded, and we slipped out andheaded toward the empty kitchen.

My steps were quick and harsh. You forget that I was with you when you hunted downEric. I saw what no one else did—how affected you were by what hadhappened to Alex.

And I know what you did to that daimon.

I swallowedhard. It has brought down entirecivilizations. Need I remind you of Troy? I laughed darkly. This time—only this time—hasbeen different. Armentroutbut he is not one of mine.

Somehow, another god is responsible for him. And none of the gods are claimingresponsibility for him. A smirk graced his lips as he placed the wine back in the rack andthen took a drink. Whoever is responsiblefor Seth is not claiming him for their own reason—the same reason thatLucian would know spells to keep me out of his home. Because he or shewould know that there is another way to kill the Apollyon. I can killAlex. Of course he followed. I needed to put myself betweenAlex and… and whoever came for her.

Apollo appeared in front of me, blocking my route. I stepped to theside, but he followed.

But if she is about to connect withthe First, I will put her down. And again. Pain tore through me. Putting her on the Elixir gives ustime, Aiden. And we need time. I need time, because I have six familymembers ready to rip into the mortal world.

I cannot be here, waitingfor Alex to manage an escape or for Seth to figure out a way to connectwith her. I have it covered. Armentrout He shot me a dubious look. And while they might not be able to kill her, they will harm her. All I wanted was to go down there, get Alex, and take her faraway from all of this.

Lookat this from the perspective of a Sentinel—how you were trained. A job to protect mankind—and toprotect the Hematoi. That is your duty. And you know what the rightthing to do is. To Alex? You need to choose both. Not eating?

Not sleeping? Has she even been drinking water? She needs a breakfrom this, Aiden. And we need time to find a way to end this. Apollo was gone when I glancedover my shoulder, and I was alone. Alone with a decision I knew I couldnever live with if I made it.

Alex was lying on the mattress, curled on her side, back to the door. Maybe she was sleeping, but my heart rate picked up as I reachedinto my pocket, pulling out one of the three keys to the door. Not even a flicker of a muscle. Hopefully, she was sleeping, but my hands shook as I turned thelock and slipped inside, quickly closing and locking the door behind me. I called her name again as I slid the key back into my pocket.

Something was wrong. I rushed to her side and knelt on the edge of the mattress. A mess ofhair hid her face. Pulse pounding, I placed my hand on her still shoulder. Air rushed out of my lungs in a grunt. I fell back, catching myself as shepopped up on her feet.

With a near-feral sound, she came down on me, knees first. Armentroutsomething I would do. Hitting the floor beside me, she threw her legover mine, locking it between her thighs. My brows shot up. Silent and scowling, she went for my pocket.

I grabbed her wrist. Scrambling to her feet, she balled her handsinto fists. I haveto go. I need to go to him. The kick was freaking perfect—knee bent at a ninety-degree angleto get the most oomph behind the extension—but I expected it. Usingmy forearm, I blocked the kick instead, using the momentum to send hercrashing to the hard floor, hissing as hot pain jarred my bones.

Alex was incredibly fast when she wanted to be, even more as theApollyon. Spinning around, she jabbed with her elbow and then the heelof her palm. Fighting each other truly was like fightingourselves. Elixir Anticipating a butterfly kick, I darted behind her. She pivotedaround, swinging her arm.Item s unavailable for download. Maybe she can even save Seth. She jumped, eyes widening.

And why the fuck didn't we get to see the build up and beginnings of the apocalypse for ourselves? Apollo laughed dryly. I jerked to the side with the split-second to spare.

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