Dragonlance - Legends 2 - War of the Twins · Read more Dragonlance - Legends 01 - Time of the Twins - Tracy Hickman & Margaret Weis a. Read more. Dragonlance - Legends 1 - Time of the Twins · Read more · Dragonlance - Legends 2 - War of the Twins. Read more · Dragonlance - Legends 2 - War of the . The novels that comprise Dragonlance Legends: Time of the Twins, War of the Twins, and Test of the Twins are among my very favorites of all the novels I have .

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The DragonLance Legends Time of the Twins by Margaret Weis; 2 editions; First published in ; Subjects: American Fantasy fiction. DragonLance Legends Volume 1: Time Of The Twins Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Download DragonLance Legends Volume 1: Time Of The Twins pdf. should be aimed at bringing in income, however it’s [[pdf download]] dragonlance legends time of the twins - dragonlance legends time.

And so you must dig deep to find the warmth and the strength that will help you survive the bitter cold and the terrible darkness. No longer do you have the bloom of spring or the vigor of summer. You must find the strength you need in your heart, in your soul. Then, like the vallenwoods, you will grow once more. View all 7 comments. Aug 31, Dale rated it really liked it Shelves: But, this was not the first Dragonlance book I've ever read.

It was the tenth. Dragonlance is a gigantic moneymaking franchise that runs off the insatiable appetites of geeks, among which I count myself.

It's almost besides the point for me to review the book at all, because it's so niche. Either you "get it" or you don't. But, shoot, I'll give it a try.

The original Dragonlance trilogy which I read in high school was about a group of friends living in a fantasy world in which a medievalesque society exists alongside magic, gods, monsters, etc. The friends become unlikely heroes who play a central part in saving the world. Time of the Twins is the first book of a follow-on trilogy that focuses on the further adventures of two and a half of the original adventurers: These two characters will always have a soft spot in my heart.

Big-hearted, simple-minded, strong and tough Caramon; frail, sickly, brilliant, manipulative Raistlin. Caramon is one of the world's greatest fighters, and Raistlin one of it's most potent wizards. They love each other and they hate each other. In every pair of brothers, or even friends, one is usually the Raistlin and one is the Caramon.

The "and a half" is the pint-sized thief Tasslehoff. He's a recurring character who is supposed to be comic relief, and he's hit or miss.

Sometimes he's annoyng as crap, and sometimes he makes me laugh. But mostly the story is about Caramon and Raistlin, as they begin a new adventure. They end up going back in time, where Raistlin learns the secrets of a legendary wizard and Caramon becomes an infamous gladiator and Tasslehoff causes general mischief , just before a Cataclysm is sent by the gods to punish a prideful humanity.

And set the scene for book 2! I eat this stuff up. There really is some good character development between the brothers, you just have to wade through a lot of genre tropes to get to it. But that characterization elevates the twins' story above your usual sword-n-sorcery hackwork.

I love this book despite the fact that about half of it is steeped in serious suckiness. The fact is, at least for me, that the excellent bits in Time of the Twins are far more excellent than the excellent bits in the three Dragonlance books that preceded this one and those books had some excellent bits , making Time of the Twins a favourite of mine.

Sucky -- This story hinges on the corruption of the Kingpriest of Istar. The Kingpriest arrogantly and weakly calls on the gods to com I love this book despite the fact that about half of it is steeped in serious suckiness.

The Kingpriest arrogantly and weakly calls on the gods to come down as peers and help him wipe evil from Krynn the World of Dragonlance for the uninitiated.

The authors rely on our Dragonlance-fed understanding of Krynn's history to fill in the Kingpriest-gaps rather than giving us the time we need in Istar to damn the Kingpriest ourselves.

We know he's arrogant and foolish because we're told he is, not because they make us believe it. And that is sucky.

Suckier -- Something similar happens with the other important characters in Time of the Twins. The gladiators, Kiiri and Pheragas, the priests, Quarath and Denubis, and the slavers, Raag and Arack, aren't given anywhere near the time they need to fulfill their potential as characters -- not even as supporting characters. Kiiri and Pheragas are supposed to be important to Caramon, but we're left to assume and accept their importance based on some barely developed camaraderie.

Quarath, Arack and Raag are supposed to be the story's supporting villains, but they never movie beyond the Sneak, the pseudo-Mobster and the Muscle. Denubis who returns later in the series is the one true cleric left for Crysania to meet, and just as we are beginning to like him he disappears with an old, father-time style, Elven cleric. And all this is suckier. Suckiest -- Tasslehoff Burrfoot.

Tas is a favourite from the Dragonlance Chronicles. He is the lovable kender from who befriended a god and imbued the original stories with a sense of wonder.

The authors lost their way with his character, though. He was designed to be a full-grown adult from a race cursed with insatiable curiousity and no fear. He is touched by the War of the Lance, and he learns how to fear for the lives of those he loves, which should make for a more mature character, a wiser more sober character. They turn Tas into a little boy. He feels like an insufferable, annoying, spoiled four year old. And that is the suckiest of all.

Excellent -- All those sucky problems are offset by some cool stuff, though. One excellent element of Time of the Twins is Lady Crysania. She's second in commmand of the newly revived Order of Paladine -- cold, haughty, and utterly convinced of her natural superiority. But all that changes when she meets and is challenged by Raistlin, the dark wizard who has become the "Master of Past and Present.

Excellenter -- Caramon Majere, twin brother of Raislin, has his own struggle, but his is more a recovery than an awakening. He's a broken man when the story begins: His story is the simplest, but also one of the most emotionally satisfying. Not a false note is struck in Caramon's rebirth, and there is even a promise of something more to come.

This is even excellenter. Excellentest -- Nothing compares to the opening chapter in Raistlin's journey to become a god, however.

Raistlin does terrible things, it's true; he wears black robes the mark of an evil wizard on Krynn , he murders people, he hungers for power, he manipulates and controls, he lies, and the god he wants to replace is Takhisis, the Queen of Darkness.

He is a bad ass extraordinaire. But he also cares. He cares about dignity, he cares about the poor, he cares about the meek, he cares about his friends, he cares about his brother. He shows mercy, compassion and wisdom that no other character in all six of the core Dragonlance books possesses. He may be a badass, but he's also a hero, making him one of my all time favourite Fantasy characters.

Raistlin's story is the excellentest part of Time of the Twins. See a Problem? The biggest problem with Dragonlance Legends , then, and the main reason for the suckiness in Time of the Twins , is that each installment of the three part series needed three parts to be fully realized.

Read online Dragonlance Legends (Dragonlance Legends Paperback) Download PDF EPUB ebook44

This series should have stretched over nine volumes, only then could it have achieved its full potential. I love it anyway. Even with all its flaws yeah View all 3 comments. It's actually kind of surprising that these books exist, at least in their current form.

Oh, yes, and a fighter and his sickly twin brother mage. And there were epic journeys and dangers and setbacks, and a few tragic deaths, but in the end the afo It's actually kind of surprising that these books exist, at least in their current form.

And there were epic journeys and dangers and setbacks, and a few tragic deaths, but in the end the aforementioned Forces of Evil were, in fact, defeated. And the follow-up trilogy took just about all of those elements and threw them right out the window, opting for a much more personal, much darker story.

A few years after the end of the War of the Lance. Although we begin with a reunion by all of the surviving heroes from the first trilogy, the focus shifts to a much smaller subset: The years have not been kind to Caramon -- yes, he's now married to Tika, his sweetheart from the first trilogy, but he's also not to put too fine a point on it a fat drunkard driven to despair at the thought of his brother's fall from grace.

But through circumstances he finds himself, together with Tasslehoff and Crysiana, traveling back through time to the city of Istar a thousand years past, in order to foil his brother's schemes. The city that, in the original trilogy, is best known for getting smacked by the gods with a meteor or something because its Priestking got entirely too full of himself? And time is growing short But as with the original trilogy the actual prose is, um To the point where there were times when if I'd had a red editor's pen, I would've been scribbling all over my site.

So it's just as well that I didn't have such a pen. And in the end I'm going with four stars because however painful I might find some of the sentences, I read the book in basically two or three sittings and will be moving immediately to the next in the trilogy.

Jun 21, Sarah rated it really liked it. I gave this book a 4, but I'm actually calling it a 4. Fantasy books like this are my guilty pleasure, mainly because I feel like I should be spending my time reading "classics" and whatnot, but I had a blast diving back into the Dragonlance universe. I read some of the books when I was younger, and I'm ready to read some more! I started with the Legends trilogy because, well I remember loving Caramon and Raistlin and their co I gave this book a 4, but I'm actually calling it a 4.

I remember loving Caramon and Raistlin and their complex relationship in the first Dragonlance books I read, and I still love them now. The subtraction of a half-star in my rating was because of Tasslehoff. The kender is, basically, everything I hate in a character, with his constant meddling and thievery and naivete.

I just wanted him to sit still and stay out of the way, but alas. Yes, I loved this book, and I'm off to read the next!

Nov 13, Elar rated it liked it Shelves: For fantasy there should not be limits, but it just seems desperate, also execution in that kind of meld must be extra fine and here it is not. Nov 11, Lindsay Scott rated it really liked it Shelves: Imagine my glee when I learned as an overexcitable preteen girl that there was a whole trilogy of books that featured my favorite character.

And apparently everyone else's. Oh how my girlhood trembled. If I went back and read these books now, I'm sure I would still enjoy them despite the fact that I now see them in a different light.

Sure, they aren't original and they use just about every fantasy cliche there is. But it's not like I knew that when I first read them. And so most likely, all I'd feel reading them now is a fond nostalgia. What other items do customers download after viewing this item?. The Pacha of Many Tales. Dead Secret: A Tony Gabriel paranormal mystery thriller.

Come on, who can resist Raistlin? Hacking, frail, freaky-golden-eyed Raistlin? I finally decided to reread a few of my Dragonlance books for the first time since I was a young teenager. I wanted to see if I still loved them as much as I did then.

The nostalgia factor definitely improved things, but I think if I had come to these books as an adult, I would hate them. Also, who was the editor for these? There were tons of grammatical errors, most often missing periods. Raistlin wasn't actually in this book much, but the scenes with him were much more underwhelming than I remember.

He comes off a bit like an angsty teenager. The only character that I honestly liked in this book was Tasslehoff.

Time of the Twins

I know - he's the character everyone else hates. So I appreciated his presence in this book. On to the next book in the trilogy, which I remember Raistlin being in a bit more.

Maybe I'll remember why I liked him so much. Oh, and another thing I wanted to mention: The first one shows Krynn in the present, and the second shows it years in the past the time they end up traveling to.

It seems odd to me that the landscape could have changed so much in just years. The spread of civilization, yes, okay, but the continent seems to have literally shifted and parts of it broken off.

Dragonlance Legends, Vol. 1 - Time of the Twins

Doesn't that take longer? I'm no scientist, though, so someone correct me if I'm wrong. Caramon comes to the realisation that his twin cannot be redeemed, and tries to kill him just as the Cataclysm strikes. His attack fails, and Raistlin casts a time travel spell, taking himself, Caramon and Crysania to another time. Crysania and the twins arrive in the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas, approximately one hundred years after the Cataclysm. Raistlin is chagrined to find that the portal to the Abyss has moved to the fortress of Zhaman, far to the south.

Having assumed Fistandantilus's identity, Raistlin soon discovers that he seems doomed to repeat Fistandantilus's past actions as well.

As the three travellers head south, they almost unwittingly begin to amass an army under the pretence of attacking the dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin, just as Fistandantilus did - an effort that led to Fistandantilus's death. Raistlin gains hope that history can be changed when Tasslehoff reappears, having escaped the Abyss - he was sent there with the Temple of Istar when it was destroyed.

The army reaches Zhaman and Raistlin begins the spell to open the portal, with Crysania's help.

Dragonlance - Legends 03 - Test Of The Twins

However, his magic is disrupted when Caramon and Tasslehoff attempt to use a magical device to return to their own time. The magical device catapults Caramon and Tasslehoff into the future, where they are shocked to find that the world has been almost destroyed by the battle between Raistlin and Takhisis, leaving it ravaged and lifeless. They travel back to the present to stop Raistlin from leaving the Abyss.

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Raistlin battles Takhisis's minions in the Abyss with Crysania's help. Crysania is mortally wounded, but Raistlin leaves her behind, telling her that he no longer needs her. Caramon and Tasslehoff arrive in Palanthas to find it under attack by Kitiara's forces.

Dragonlance Legends, Vol. 1 - Time of the Twins

After seeing the future that will come about if he leaves the Abyss, Raistlin chooses to stay behind to stop the Dark Queen from passing through the Portal into Krynn, while Caramon and Crysania flee to safety. With Raistlin's help, Caramon seals the Portal shut, and Krynn is saved. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Time of the Twins. War of the Twins. Test of the Twins. For Dummies. Retrieved Characters Creatures Deities Locations Artifacts. By series name Chronological by author.

Margaret Weis works Tracy Hickman works Stan! Don Perrin Jean Rabe. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft.

Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich. Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities. Video games. Treasure of Tarmin.And I must admit, their best smiths produce art that approaches elven quality.

In general both original trilogies are good, though they have their weaknesses. site Edition Verified download.

Elves of Aerenal Aerenal is ruled by the Undying Court, a council of undead elves sustained by positive energy. I sometimes wonder if the authors are doing this on purpose, whether tight scheduling meant that large swathes were written overnight fuelled by large doses of caffeine or whether both publisher and authors were a little too conscious of their potential audience.

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