bloccocverbnerbe.cf I learned the secrets of super success from three gentlemen who mentored me Daniel S. Peña- Yo. Wizard's First Rule (Sword of Truth Book 1) to download this book the link Description Wizard's First Rule, the first novel by Terry Goodkind, was. Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. The protective barrier that separates Westland from its neighbors to the east is about to fall, letting loose a monstrous.

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THE SWORD OF TRUTH. Wizard's First Rule. Stone of Tears. Blood of the Fold. Temple of the Winds. Soul of the Fire. Faith of the Fallen. The Pillars of Creation. Wizard's First Rule, page "The greatest harm can result from the best intentions." Stone of Tears, Chapter 63, page "Passion rules reason." Blood of the. The Sword of Truth won't prove the contrary with its 17 novels. Wizard's First Rule – In the aftermath of the brutal murder of his father.

No, really. I'm not sure why these authors always end up feeling as if they have to dump their sex fetish issues at this particular juncture: "Huh, I dig BDSM.

Maybe I should confide my fantasies in a book for mass publication". I cannot think of a single female character in the entire series who isn't either raped or threatened with rape. If you want to give me an example of one, remember: I'm counting magical psychic blowjob rape as rape. I wish I never had the opportunity to qualify a statement with 'don't forget the psychic blowjob rape'. I don't mind actual BDSM literature, but I'd rather have my own reaction to it than be told "isn't it totally dirty and wrong!?

Goodkind's books are cookie-cutter genre fantasy, but the first few aren't that badly done, and if you like people narrowly missing one another, bondage, masochism, rape, and dragons, it might work for you, but the series dies on arrival part-way through, so prepare for disappointment.

If you are enjoying the series, you should probably avoid reading any of his interviews, as he rarely misses an opportunity to claim that he is superior to all other fantasy authors, and never compare him to Robert Jordan, because "If you notice a similarity, then you probably aren't old enough to read my books. Then again, I've never met an adherent of Ayn Rand who didn't consider themselves a brilliant and unique snowflake trapped in a world of people who 'just don't understand'.

Adie's home in King's Port is destroyed when Zedd attempts to use his magic to study a special bone intricately carved from a dead Skrin. The bones of a Skrin Adie had battled in the past came to life, destroying Adie's home in an attempt to capture her and Zedd and take them into the Underworld.

She is enchanted and sent on a mission to assassinate Richard. She is killed by a mirswith after handing over Kelton to Richard. She is described as very attractive and fond of luxurious clothing.

Dell "Chase" Brandstone[ edit ] Dell Brandstone, commonly referred to as Chase, is the leader of the boundary wardens of Westland and an old friend of Richard's. He is also a long-time friend of George Cypher, Zedd, and Adie.

He is a big man with a large frame, clean-shaven, with a head of light brown hair that shows no sign of receding but instead gives way to age by going gray at the sides. Despite his size, he is quick when there is need. When outfitted to travel near the boundary or when expecting conflict, he wears a chainmail shirt and is strapped with enough armaments to supply a small army. Chase lives outside of Hartland with his wife, Emma Brandstone, and his large number of children.

He has a hobby of collecting stones of unique shape, color, and texture during his travels, and would tell anyone who would listen where each had come from, and what sort of trouble he had encountered in retrieving it. Chase is rarely flustered or surprised.

While he is feared by most people with the exception of children, he treats everyone he meets with respect. After learning that Richard has been appointed as the Seeker of Truth, he dedicates himself to the defense of the Seeker.

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He continues to fulfill this role, with Richard saving him and his loved ones lives a number of times, until he goes home to Westland to be with his family with his adopted daughter, Rachel. Rachel[ edit ] Rachel is a young girl and is introduced in the series as a playmate of Princess Violet, the daughter of Queen Milena of Tamarang. She had short hair, like most non-royalty in the Midlands, which was cut jagged by Princess Violet while she lived in the palace.

Rachel originally grew up in an orphanage with many other children, including her brother. It was at the orphanage that Rachel met Brophy. After Rachel's brother was murdered by Demmin Nass, Queen Milena took her to the palace to be the playmate of her daughter. After she had been living in the palace for a time, the wizard Giller entrusted Rachel with the third Box of Orden and instructed her to flee Tamarang, which she did.

Rachel was later found by Richard and Kahlan. She is eventually adopted by Chase. In Stone of Tears, Rachel is given the important job of holding onto the Stone of Tears, a powerful magical object sent into the world by the Boxes of Orden.

Zedd instructs her to give it to Richard. Zedd also orders Chase to train her to be a fighter. Rachel does not appear again in the series until Naked Empire, the eighth book in the series. After Zedd is taken from the Wizard's Keep and brought to Jagang, Rikka, Chase, and Rachel appear to save Zedd shortly after he activates the sunset spell to destroy the Imperial Order camp. Rachel and Chase return to the Keep afterward, where Zedd offers to let them stay. Though she appears in Chainfire , Rachel has a significantly greater role in Phantom.

She is captured by Samuel and taken to Tamarang under Princess Violet where she is returned as her "playmate". She alters the pictures Violet has drawn on the caves resulting in Violet dying and Richard Rahl recovering his gift.

She is captured by Six and escapes with the aid of Shota disguised as Rachel's mother and Gratch. In the book's final chapter, it is revealed that Rachel's ability to alter drawn spells is indicative of her royal blood, and she becomes the Queen of Tamarang. Shota[ edit ] Shota is a powerful and feared witchwoman who resides in Agaden Reach. She can take on many different forms, and has the ability to look and sound exactly like any woman, which she uses many times throughout the series to guide or help Richard without him knowing it.

She says that her natural form is of an average height attractive brunette that wears a very thin, light, grey dress with many different levels of flaps.

She apparently loves Richard and wanted him to stay with her. While the mountains and the swamp around her home are dangerous and full of deadly creatures and objects, her home is actually a grand castle in a beautiful valley that seems to be stuck in the season of spring.

Zedd snuck into her valley right before he crossed the boundary into Westland to steal the Sword of Truth from Samuel, who was not named Seeker of Truth by a wizard, therefore he was not a true Seeker, like Richard, and his appearance was horribly altered when the sword was taken away. For this reason, Shota and Zedd do not trust or like each other. Throughout the series, Shota helps Richard and Kahlan through very indirect methods involving her unique form of prophecies.

Some of the most notable are giving him the knowledge he needs to obtain the book left for him by the last living War Wizard, the drive to kill Darken Rahl, killing Six, and telling Rachel how to have the Mud People save him from dying in the Underworld.

Princess Violet[ edit ] Princess Violet is introduced to the series as a little girl with stubby fingers, a plump neck, a big nose, and long, dull, brown hair.

She is the daughter of Queen Milena and the heir to the throne of Tamarang. She often wore pink or pale blue satin dresses and jewelry that was too large for her. She enjoyed causing pain and misery to her playmate Rachel while she was in the palace, as well as modeling her mother's fine jewelry. She had a high, squeaky, snorting laugh. After being injured by Richard in Wizard's First Rule, Violet does not appear in the series again until Phantom, where it is revealed that she survived and was later healed by the witch woman Six.

She is also revealed to have the gift of using magic in drawings. It is revealed several years after the events in Wizard's First Rule that Six entered Tamarang's royal castle posing as a healer and regrew Violet's tongue and repaired her jaw.

Since then, Violet and Six ruled Tamarang together with an iron fist, despite the fact that the Imperial Order had conquered most of the Midlands. Eventually, Six grew exasperated with Violet's ingratitude and ill-temper and seized the throne herself, reappointing Violet to the position of court artist. In the caves in Tamarang, Rachel is lured inside where she finds out the "ghosty gobblies" are going to kill her thanks to the drawing made by Violet. With a Rachel making a quick alteration to make the drawing of Rachel look like Violet, Violet is killed by those phantoms.

Irena[ edit ] The sorceress of Stroyza. Samantha's mother. Was killed by Richard for her crimes. She's responsible for Zedd's death. Samantha[ edit ] Irena's daughter, a teenager girl, resident of Stroyza.

Potentially very powerful sorceress. Helped Richard to save his friends and her mother from the Third Kingdom. After Richard killed her mother she claimed vengeance. Tried to kill Kahlan and succeeded almost. After that tried to kill Richard and his friends, but accidentally died doing it.

Ann has been the Prelate of the Sisters of the Light for nearly eight-hundred years and is a sorceress of rare power. She is a short, stout woman who looks to be in her seventies but is actually close to one thousand years old, after living under the spell at the Palace of the Prophets.

She often wears plain, black or grey wool dresses, which marks her as the leader of the Sisters of the Light. She and the prophet Nathan Rahl are in love. In the book Blood of the Fold, she fakes her death after an attack of three Sisters of the Dark. Ann is murdered by a few Sisters of the Dark in the presence of Nicci.

This occurs in the tomb of Rahl ancestors, where normally the gift would be muffled but when the Sisters linked their gifts, they succeeded in killing Ann and taking Nicci hostage for Jagang. Jagang[ edit ] Jagang is the main antagonist in books He is a Dreamwalker and has the power to take over others' minds.

However, those sworn to the Lord Rahl, Master of D'Hara, are protected from the Dreamwalkers' powers by an ancient enchantment. With this power, Jagang managed to become emperor of the Imperial Order, which controls all of the Old World. His most striking and noticeable feature is his eyes, which contain no pupil or iris; only inky black eyes devoid of any color. He is described to be a short, but very muscular man with a shaved head and a braided beard.

He wears a wool vest and multiple piercings including a gold chain from his left nostril to his left ear. Despite Jagang's fearsome appearance and prodigious strength with many characters in the book believing he could crush a human skull with one hand , is it a mistake for anyone to believe Jagang to be unintelligent.

He is in fact very intelligent and well read. Whenever he captures a new city, he has teams of servants who bring him any books that he believes are of note, and has read many, if not all, of the books he has captured. Also, by reading books through the minds of the Sisters of the Light and Sisters of the Dark that he has enslaved, he also knows quite a lot about magic and magic theory, despite being unable to utilize the knowledge himself. He frequently questions his sorceresses about matters of magic that he already has the answers, well before they do, simply to determine if they will lie to him.

Nicci[ edit ] Nicci is introduced as one of Richard's teachers at the Palace of the Prophets and a Sister of the Dark.

She is described as an extremely beautiful and very powerful sorceress with long blond hair and blue eyes, who most people in the Imperial Order come to know as "Death's Mistress" or Jagang's "Slave Queen. In the television series, she is initially portrayed by dark-haired Jolene Blalock , but her spirit is later resurrected in the body of a blond woman.

Nicci grew up in a fairly wealthy home, with a hard working father who owned his own armor producing factory. Her mother was ensconced with the ideas of The Order and fell sway to the teaching of people such as Brother Narev. Nicci was emotionally abused as a young girl by her mother, who made her believe she was never good enough or appreciative of her life under the reign of the Order.

Later, at a relatively young age, she was taken to the Palace of the Prophets where she remained for many years. Upon meeting Richard, Nicci's personality changes. To understand this change, she kidnaps Richard, bringing him to the Old World in a futile attempt to make him accept the ways of the Order. By her own volition, she becomes his quasi-wife.

As time passes, Richard begins teaching Nicci what life is about and why it is so valuable. Upon seeing the statue Richard carved, named "Life", she knows that her beliefs and life in the past have been a sham, and she is forever changed. She accepts Richard's philosophy of the sanctity of life and humanistic potential and swears fealty him and his wife, Kahlan.

From that moment on, Nicci becomes one of Richard's closest allies and friends. She is the only person on Richard's side, besides Richard himself and Kahlan to a certain extent , to possess Subtractive magic, and plays a vital role in the conclusion of the series.

Nicci is in love with Richard, but has resolved to never act on her feelings due to her respect and loyalty towards Kahlan. Six[ edit ] Six is a witchwoman from the Old World, introduced in the tenth book of the series, Phantom. She is one of the few people not affected by the Chainfire spell and her abilities are similar to Shota's.

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She appears to be even more feared than Shota. She concocts an elaborate plan to use the artisan ability introduced in Wizard's First Rule to deprive Richard of his gift.

At the end of Confessor, Six is killed by Shota, who took the appearance of her mother. For witchwomen, the seventh daughter is special. Her mother's choice of the name Six for her sixth daughter is meant to be derisive. Six kept the name as a display of power. Verna Sauventreen[ edit ] Verna Sauventreen is a main character in the series. She is a Sister of the Light and the only Sister, of the three who set out, to return to the Palace of the Prophets after discovering Richard.

She helps him escape and fulfill prophecies and becomes one of his closest friends and advisors. She later becomes Prelate of the Sisters after Ann fakes her death and then becomes in charge of the gifted forces with the D'Haran Army. Richard meets Warren not long after coming to the Palace, who is interested in him because he is the Seeker of Truth and "The Bringer of Death" as described in several prophecies Warren has been studying.

Over the duration of Richard's time at the Palace, Warren and Richard became fast friends. In Faith of the Fallen, he marries Verna. Near the end of Faith of the Fallen, Warren is killed by Gadi, an assassin from the old world. Brophy[ edit ] Brophy was born a human but was transformed into a wolf after he was found innocent by the Mother Confessor of the crime he was accused of. When Brophy was a man, he sometimes used his large size to persuade people to do as he wished.

He also had a bad temper but it only came out when he was wronged and being cheated.

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He was a trader in things of dubious nature at the gray edges of law - things of magic, such as artifacts, books and living creatures of magic. His business and wealth allowed him to support various orphanages and see to it they had what they needed to take care of the children.

Brophy was wrongly accused by Demmin Nass of the murder of a young boy, who was Rachel's brother. Because of his reputation and being seen around orphanages, no one was surprised when he was accused of the murder of a little boy. Brophy submitted to the Mother Confessor, Kahlan Amnell, to prove his innocence.

Kahlan's wizard, Giller, then turned Brophy into a wolf in order to allow him to continue to live his life. The change took away some of the magic of the Confessor, and gave him enough concern for himself to start over with a new life. As a wolf, Brophy is huge with fierce yellow eyes and thick, charcoal-colored fur from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail.

He has a mate, the leader of his pack, in the forest near the Rang'Shada Mountains. Together, they have a litter of six pups, who are almost grown. After sensing Kahlan's presence, Brophy leaves his pack to follow Kahlan and is later killed by Nass after trying to protect Kahlan. I've been told that I'm a most pleasant traveling companion. Do we have any of that sausage left?

Could I interest you? We did everything but to leave a note pinned to the hem of her dress that said, Oh by the way, the Prelate and the prophet are still alive, you dolt. Get on with the torture before I fall asleep and miss it. They would like to know when they can have their spirit house back. Gather about! Blow a gale for me! What's the matter with the two of you? Did you eat some bad berries? When you fixed the magic, I made them curse their mothers for ever meeting their fathers.

Or maybe they're grouchy because we kept them awake most of the night. He's wonderful, isn't he?

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Kahlan and Cara laughed so hard that Jennsen thought they might fall off their horses. The two of them laughed all the harder. Pillars of Creation Sister Dulcinia: "Prelate, men have uncontrollable urges. His eyes get real big and he says, 'Magic! You must have magic, my boy, to read the clouds and know the future so. Anything more than a Mord Sith is just pretty brass buttons. Most women find lean men appealing. Cara nodded. You need rest, too.

She took Cara's elbow and pulled her a short distance away out of earshot, and leaned close. There's more than enough of us to stand watch and all still get enough rest. Let's let Richard sleep till morning. Conspiracy designed to protect Richard suited the Mord-Sith. They knew that sooner or later they would be used against the people.

They may have made mistakes in the past, and disappointed their teacher, but the most important thing they were taught was to be protectors of the people and in no way to bring them harm.

As their most loving act for the people, they gave their lives to stop Darken Rahl. I think their teacher would have been proud. There were tears in his eyes. With her other hand, she unfastened the flanged battle mace from its hook.

Kahlan turned the mace around, holding the handle down to Nass. Kahlan kneeled down in front of him, close. She reached down between his legs, gripping him in one hand. He flinched, grimaced. He became still. I don't keep count. I've done it for many years, since I was young. I don't always kill them. Most live. Less than one hundred twenty.The Richard and Kahlan series This new series begins where the last novel in the Sword of Truth series ends.

April 15, She is head of the coalition of Mord-Sith there and acts as a general with far reaching orders to help Richard when he needs enforcement the most. Temple of the Winds — The power-mad Emperor Jagang confronts Richard with a swift and inexorable foe: a mystical plague cutting a deadly swath across the land and slaying thousands of innocent victims.

The coldness of her voice sent a shiver through Zedd as he watched the big man kneel before her The strength of the awakened power exploded through him. She fearlessly leads them in the night while painted with white paint, and completely naked, and they are able to deal serious damage the Order's numbers. Mord-Sith that was captured by Hannis Arc and became his servant. The importance of Wizard's First Rule is sourced in Goodkind taking on the toughest of all literary challenges:

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