Writing for IELTS will prepare you for the IELTS Academic Writing test whether you are taking the test for the first time, or re-sitting the test. Collins. English for Exams. Writing for IELTS. Anneli Williams Writing for IELTS will prepare you for the IELTS Academic Writing test whether you are taking the. COLLINS WRITING FOR - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online.

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Each chapter in Writing for IELTS has a similar three-part structure, which can form the basis of Sample lesson plan for Writing for IELTS Unit 1. Student. Download Collins Writing for IELTS eBook PDF. Download How to write at a band 9 level IELTS Writing Task 2 eBook PDF Ielts. More information. Collins Writing for IELTS Book. MinhHai Nguyen Nguyen. M. Nguyen. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by .

You are encouraged to apply what you have learnt while at the same time writing your own responses to task questions. Part 3 provides exam practice questions for Task 1 and Task 2 in a format that follows the actual exam. You can use this as a means of assessing your readiness for the actual exam. Answer key: A comprehensive answer key is provided for all sections of the book including recommended answers and explanations for more open-ended writing tasks.

There are model answers for all of the writing questions. For one of the practice exam questions in each unit, two model answers are given — one of them annotated. This shows you that a variety of approaches to each writing task can be taken. Using the book for self-study: If you are new to IELTS, we recommend that you work systematically through the 12 units in order to benefit from its progressive structure.

If you are a more experienced learner, you can use the aims listed at the start of each unit to select the most useful exercises. Each unit contains between three and four hours of study material. Having access to someone who can provide informed feedback on writing practice exercises is an advantage.

However, you can still learn a lot working alone or with a study partner willing to give and receive peer feedback. Ideally, you should begin each unit by working through the Part 1 vocabulary exercises.

Try to answer the questions without looking at a dictionary in order to develop the skill of inferring the meaning of unfamiliar words from context. Template B: Restrict opening hours. Send a clear signal This would not stop Regulate the fast food Restrict location, e.

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Health and fitness 21 Similar templates can be used for Task 2 essay questions that require you to discuss ideas. Read the essay questions 1 and 2 and complete Templates C and D with the missing information. Template C: What is the evidence for? What is the evidence against? To what extent do you agree with the statement above?

Template D: What IS the evidence for? Idea in the question: Obesity is due to lack of knowledge about healthy eating. The graph shows the percentage of UK adolescents following a vegetarian diet. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features. Convenience foods will become increasingly prevalent and eventually replace traditional foods and traditional methods of food preparation. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Health and fitness 25 Describing a chart I Expressing language of quantities and numbers Comparing and contrasting quantities and numbers Selecting and organising ideas I Writing a basic argument outline Part 1: Vocabulary 1 Match the school subjects a-h with the pictures above. Complete the sentences with one adjective and one noun. Adjectives Nouns rote standards critical education higher dishonesty academic assessment continuous learning formal thinking educational examinations Example: Cheating in examinations is one form ofacademic dishonesty.

Collins Writing for IELTS Book

If you need to evaluate information, you need skills. Access to is often determined by performance in university entrance examinations. Match them with the percentages a-f below. Complete the sentences , which describe the chart, using the expressions i—vi from Exercise 3. Education 2! Task 1 1 The bar chart below shows the numbers of students sitting examinations in eight different subjects and the percentage of students gaining top marks. For this type of data, you are expected not just to describe, but also to compare and contrast the information.

You can use comparative forms to compare two or more items: You can use superlative forms to compare one item with the remainder of the group: Art and Design was nearly Q popular as Chemistry.

Complete the sentences with a comparative or superlative form. CI Number ofentrics ,. Use adverbs to make your comparisons more exact.

To emphasise a difference, you can use: Science—related subjects were mgh more popular than arts-related subjects. For small differences you can use: The percentage of students gaining top marks in Chemistry was slightly higher than the percentage of students gaining top marks in Art and Design.

Nearly as many students sat the Art and Design exam as did the Chemistry exam. Read the sentences below.

Write S if the sentence expresses similarity and D if it expresses difference. Underline the words which helped you decide. Re-write the sentences using the words in brackets. Task 2 Read the Task 2 question below.

How can teamwork best be encouraged and assessed in educational settings. You can use an essay outline to do this. Look at the example below and answer questions Solution 1: Solution 2: Solution 3: Why has the writer chosen to list her main ideas in this order?

Take a position. Then select the most appropriate ideas and write an outline using the headings given.

To what extent do you agree with the view that formal examinations measure intelligence? Ideas Template D: Evaluate an idea What are the ideas? Exams usually include a range of tasks 1 to measure different abilities.

Other possible idea: Some people express themselves 3 There are probably much better verbally than in writing. Essay outline Introduction: Body paragraph 1: Evidence for: Evidence against: Body parggpgph 2: Education 25 Exam information: If you are aiming for a band 6. This means discussing the advantages and disadvantages of different solutions and ideas.

Take a position, select the most appropriate ideas, and write an outline. What is your view of this practice? Ideas ': Solution in the question: Other possible solution: Body paragraph 2: Draw up headings for an outline for this type of question.

Unit3 ' Part 3: Exam practice f: The graph compares the percentage of international and the percentage of UK students gaining second class degrees or better at a major UK university. UK and international students gaining second class degrees or better "L.

What is your view of examinations? Education 31 Vocabulary I Match the pictures above with the natural habitats a-f. Complete the sentences using these expressions. N 3 indiscriminate S of tropical hardwoods has contributed to the destruction of rainforests. Unitli' Look again at sentences in exercise 2 and answer the questions Cause-and—effect relationships can also be expressed using a number of different words and expressions: Many unique species are now endangered because mangrove swamps have been damaged.

Re-write the sentences below using the words in brackets. Make any other changes necessary. Isol There are It The disappearance of prey species has resulted in a marked reduction in numbers of predators such as wild cats and owls. Underline the word which makes the sentence more moderate. Nature and the environment Task 1 I Read the two process descriptions below. Use information from the second description to complete the flowchart. Firstly, access roads to the area are cut. Once the trees have been extracted, they are processed by chain saw.

The limbs and tree tops are removed. The logs are then sorted by size and loaded onto logging trucks for transport to the sawmill.

In the final stage, the land is prepared for future harvests. The remaining scrub is gathered into large piles and burnt. The area is then re-planted.

Forest re-growth The flowchart illustrates the process of forest re-growth following a period of widespread deforestation. The first plants to grow are 'pioneer' plants, which can survive in harsh conditions. They provide shade, gather moisture, and return organic material to the soil. They therefore create the conditions for other plants to thrive. In the second phase of re-growth. They quickly cover the ground, crowding out the pioneers. However, they too eventually die off as young trees push through the brush.

Within ten years, trees finally take over. Unit lo ' Now look at options i and ii and decide in each case whether you would normally use the active or the passive voice. Read the descriptions again and notice how the groups of sentences below have been combined.

Study the examples and then join each group of sentences without looking at the model texts. The first plants to grow are pioneer plants. Pioneer plants can survive in harsh conditions. The first plants to grow are pioneer plants, which can survive in harsh conditions. Pioneer plants gather moisture. Pioneer plants return organic material to the soil. Shrubs crowd out the pioneers. Young trees push through the brush.

The logs are loaded onto logging trucks.

They are transported to the sawmill. The trees are processed by chain saw.

The descriptions in Exercise 1 also contain examples of signposting language, which mark the stages of the process. Find examples from the texts in Exercise 1 that signpost the following stages: Firstly middle stages: Do not overuse signposting expressions.

One signposting expression at the start, one or two in the middle and one at the end are sufficient in most cases. Complete the sentences using an active or passive verb form. Make any other necessary changes. Then rewrite the sentences as a passage, adding any signposting expressions from Exercise 3 that you think are suitable. Task 2 6 Compare the introductions and first body paragraphs of two responses to the Task 2 question below. Underline the differences and then answer questions Many species of plants and animals have come and gone throughout the history of the Earth.

From this perspective, extinction can be seen as part of a natural process. Some people have argued that we should not, therefore, make heroic efforts to preserve the natural habitats of endangered plants and animals when doing so would conflict with human interests. Response 1 Response 2 If you look at it that way, it's true that humans and Looked at from a broad historical perspective, it animals have conflicting interests.

People have is true that humans and animals have conflicting always exploited animals for food and clothing, interests. People have always exploited animals and farmers have brought bigger and bigger areas for food and clothing, whilst farmers have brought of land under cultivation. But should we keep on ever-increasing areas of land under cultivation.

Whether this process should continue is a In regions of the world where the population question that requires careful consideration.

If you go to Africa, for example, between humans and animals is particularly you can see large nature reserves alongside problematic. This can be seen in parts of Africa, really poor human settlements. I love the idea for example, where large nature reserves sit of elephants and lions living in the wild.

But alongside very poor human settlements. People often it's the poor farmer living nearby who's living thousands of miles away may value the idea got to pay the cost in terms of land and lost of elephants and lions living in the wild.

Collins - Writing For IELTS

However, earnings. Complete the table with examples from the texts in Exercise 6. If writing in an academic style is new to you, make sure that you do not write in an overly complicated way.

Above all, your writing should be clear and easy to read. Avoid writing more than one subordinate clause in each complex sentence. Do not use a lot of words T to express an idea when a few words would be sufficient. Nature and the environment 37 Characteristics of academic style Examples from Responses 1 and 2 Informal style Academic style Academic style is impersonal. Avoid overusing Ifyou look at it that Looked at from a broad personal pronouns [e.

I, you, we] and addressing way,.. Academic style is not emotional. Avoid absolute bad problematic statements and exaggeration [e. Academic style uses fewer conjunctions land, but] and farmers whilst farmers and more subordinators Iwhereas, because] and sentence linkers lnevertheless, therefore].

Academic style uses different vocabulary. Avoid It's It is colloquial expressions, phrasal verbs [e. But if you think about plants, the advantages of conservation are more apparent. You have to remember that wild plants aren't just things of beauty; they're also a really valuable resource. Wild plants have been used throughout history to make medicines. Take aspirin, for example. And if certain varieties of crops are prone to disease, you could use wild plants to develop new varieties.

There are lots of plants that we haven't even discovered yet, so you never know what they might be useful for. All in all, I'd say it's worth trying to preserve natural habitats because wild animals and plants are really special and they could be life savers.

But we've got to remember that people's basic needs have to be met too. So, we have to do it in a fair way. Remove unnecessary words and divide long sentences if required.

The desirability of avoiding environmental degradation is an idea that most people probably agree with.

Most people do not want to damage the environment. The flow chart illustrates the consequences of deforestation. The importance of biodiversity is being more widely recognised as increasing numbers of species come under threat. What can be done to maintain biodiversity?

Nature and the environment 35 Describing a diagram I Writing an introduction and conclusion Part 1: Vocabulary I The expressions a-h below are all related to language. Use each expression once to complete the sentences You can use reporting verbs to do this. In English, there is a wide variety of reporting verbs, which can be used: Look at the sentences below and underline the stronger of the two reporting verbs.

Some people argue that governments should subsidise. Others question whether governments should subsidise. I object to the policy of government subsidies. Most people support the idea of subsidising. Educators recommend subsidising.

I would urge the government to subsidise. Some reporting verbs can be followed by more than one type of structure. For example: Others question whether schools should promote. Others question the feasibility of promoting. Re-write the sentences below using the phrases a-d. Make any changes necessary for a more academic style. Read the response below, which describes a diagram showing the relationship between a number of different languages. Sketch the diagram to see how well you understood the description.

The diagram shows the languages of Europe, Iran, and the Indian subcontinent and how they are related through a common Indo-European root language. There are seven main branches: Some of these languages, such as Scots or Welsh, are spoken by relatively few people, but others, including German and English [from the Germanic branch] and French and Spanish [Italic branch] are among the most widely spoken languages in the world.

The Indian branch comprises several languages including Hindi, Urdu and Bengali. The Slavic branch covers languages spoken in Eastern Europe. Overall, the diagram shows that languages that are commonly regarded as very different are, in fact, related.

Put the paragraphs a—d in the correct order. Then answer the questions It comprises the varieties of English spoken in the different regions of the United States itself, as well as in Canada. Then you could start to reduce the time allowed gradually until you are able to write an acceptable answer within the time limit.

You should become familiar enough with your own hand writing so that you can accurately estimate the number of words you have written at a glance.

Model answers should be studied to identify the underlying approach and effect on the reader. Try not to memorise essays or reports or to attempt to fit a pre-existing response around another exam question. If you work systematically through the book, you should develop the skills and language to effectively express your own responses to unseen exam questions on the day. This website is to develop your IELTS skills with tips, model answers, lessons, free books, and more.

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download Ebook Now! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Exam Tips. Word of the Day. Idiom of the day.Idiom of the day. Make sure you use the correct verb tenses. This website is to develop your IELTS skills with tips, model answers, lessons, free books, and more. The descriptions in Exercise 1 also contain examples of signposting language, which mark the stages of the process.

However, measures a disadvantage of like this would probably be seen as excessive this Solution and difficult to enforce. Write S if the sentence expresses similarity and D if it expresses difference. Frequent breakdowns in communication occur. Task 1 1 The bar chart below shows the numbers of students sitting examinations in eight different subjects and the percentage of students gaining top marks. You should become familiar enough with your own hand writing so that you can accurately estimate the number of words you have written at a glance.

N 3 indiscriminate S of tropical hardwoods has contributed to the destruction of rainforests.

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