Table of Contents. Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework. Introduction. Chapter 1 - Introducing the Spring Framework. Chapter 2 - The. Automatically exported from - dieforfree/ edsebooks. Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework Introducing Java Web Development Best Practices in Java EE Web Development Building Ja.

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Pro Java EE Spring Patterns: Best Practices and Design Strategies Implementing Java EE Patterns with the Spring Framework. Read more. Professional Java™ Development with the Spring Framework. Rod Johnson. Juergen Hoeller. Alef Arendsen. Thomas Risberg. Colin Sampaleanu. WILEY. The Spring Framework is a major open source application development framework that makes Java/J2EE(TM) development easier and more productive.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to use this technology. The combination of above three technologies were used to create any standalone or web applications but it took more time and cost because previously there are not so many tools available like today. Now there are many advance framework and technologies available which can overcome issues and research continue. There are some powerful frameworks which will discuss below, and it is widely used.

Hibernate Framework: This is also another more powerful framework which has solved many problems which occurred establishing java connection with database. This tool used convention over configuration so there is no need XML configuration like Spring framework.

Spring Tutorial, basic, advanced & PDF learning guides

It is mostly used standalone spring-based application and to create restful webservices. Struts 2 is the combination of webwork framework of open symphony and struts 1. Unlike RMI, middleware services such as security, transaction management etc. The Software can be developed in many ways but the there are some characteristics about the software development like how fast and feasible in each platform.

Yongchang Ren, stated that there is always a huge problem for software development process and sometime Software quality is unreliable, and maintenance is also poor and during software testing need to spend a lot money and time. So, framework is better option to reduce the risk and save the time and money.

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According to Jingjun Zhang, that most of the Java Web systems have adopted several open-source frameworks and it helps in many ways such as clarify the program logic and program structure and reduce the development intensity of programmers and it always conflict if you use OSGi.

Edwin, explain that Software Frameworks, Architectural and Design Patterns has reduced the time and cost of the development and improved the quality, reliability and reduced the complexity in process management, There are several java frameworks available which can be used based on the requirements of the project and spring is one of them.

Singh, stated that Spring provides Aspect Oriented programming and solve the separation of concerns at a much bigger level and also allow programmer to add the features like transactions, security etc. Praveen Gupta, Spring Web MVC Framework for rapid open source J2EE application development: a case study, stated that there is a huge demand of the framework in software industry and so every day we get a new and advance framework.

Spring is a good framework compare to other frameworks due to its characteristics and Spring Boot is extended version of Spring Framework. Framework can be used various ways and different fields such as E-commerce application, Neha Munsi, said that Spring and Hibernate frameworks can be combined to make an efficient E- commerce application the struts framework with an efficient MVC can help in developing the presentation tier spring can handle business logic and hibernate will take care database respectively.

There are many works already done in different frame work such as PHP based MVC design model which is proposed Wei Cui and explain that might be an effective separation of data access, logic processing process control, and display and improved the software quality.

Iqbal H. Sarker, There are many other theories also available which tell the develop an application in one platform and use it another one of them is given by Saxena, , stated that how enterprise application which is based on Struts, Spring and Hibernate Custom Validation can be incorporated with the. There is always one question occurred when use framework which will be best to develop an application, single or Multiple framework Praveen Gupta, stated that Multiple framework architecture works better as compare to any single framework architecture because the development of the large scale applications can improve the performance of the Large Database application in terms handling number of requests.

There are many differences based on framework such as the difference between Spring and Hibernate is, Spring is good to develop enterprise application and hibernate can be used to establish connection using JDBC.

The spring can be combining any framework like Hibernate, Struts etc.

PDF - Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework

Spring can combine Hibernate, Struts or any other framework because of its light weight. I have developed some enterprise web application using multi framework. The application is very fast in comparison to simple J2EE application and can do any changes quickly without affecting other classes.

I tried to use three technologies together Spring, Hibernate and Spring boot to develop school management application.

References An object-oriented framework for virtual diagnosis.

Ankur Bawiskar, P. Edwin, N. Roderick B.

Since its origin, Spring Framework has released many versions. The objects give their own dependencies instead of creating or looking for dependent objects.

This framework is configurable via interfaces and accommodates multiple view technologies. Transaction Management: For transaction management, Spring framework provides a generic abstraction layer.

It is not tied to J2EE environments and it can be used in container-less environments. Since its origin till date, Spring has spread its popularity across various domains.

Spring Framework now is the foundation for various other Spring Projects that have come up in the offerings in the last two to three years. Check the below image to find out various projects undertaken by Spring.

It provides declarative support for transactions, validation, caching and formatting. All the modules have their own functionalities that are utilized to build an application. Here, developer is free to choose the required module. Spring Bean: This module provides implementation for the factory design pattern through BeanFactory.

It provides a powerful expression language for querying and manipulating an object graph, at runtime. It is used to convert the objects into XML format and vice versa.

This module contains features for producing and consuming messages among various clients. All the enterprise level transaction implementation concepts can be implemented in Spring by using this module. AOP uses cross-cutting concerns. Instrumentation This module provides class instrumentation support and class loader implementations that are used in certain application servers.Upon hitting the URL for the first time.

The user may also choose to waive authentication process for certain resources from all security check like the login page. Now that the flow is ready we need to hook it up somewhere in the system. SpringBootApplication is equivalent to using these three annotations Configuration. Now performing this one activity involves several smaller activities. We will include this file in the main spring configuration sheet so that our web-flow gets hooked into the main Spring Container and the requests are directed to the Flow Controllers.

It is wise to rename to hide underlying technology. The SpringDataDemo class extracts the EmployeeDaoImpl and attempts to save an instance of Employee to the em- ployee table and retrieve the same instance from the database. To answer that. JUnit Test Results.

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