Few books attain a distribution reckoned in millions or exert so great an influence in the uplifting of humanity as has Steps to Christ. In countless editions, this. Acceptance · Chapter 7—The Test of Discipleship · Chapter 8—Growing Up Into Christ · Chapter 9—The Work and the Life · Chapter 10—A Knowledge of God. Steps to Jesus by Ellen G. White. Adapted from Steps to Christ. Preface to Steps to Jesus. Steps to Jesus is an adaptation of Ellen G. White's most popular book.

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teousness by faith, Ellen White and Ellen White to produce a small Christ- centered book that . 7 Ellen G. White, Steps to Christ (Mountain View, Calif.: Pacific. Ellen G. White () is considered the most widely translated American author, her works having been published in more than languages. She wrote . LibriVox recording of Steps to Christ, by Ellen White. Read by Donald Hines. Ellen Gould White ( - ) was a prolific Christian writer.

This is His glory. Through the things of nature, and the deepest and tenderest earthly ties that human hearts can know, He has sought to reveal Himself to us. Though all these evidences have been given, the enemy of good blinded the minds of men, so that they looked upon God with fear; they thought of 11 Him as severe and unforgiving.

WHITE Prophet of Destiny

Satan led men to conceive of God as a being whose chief attribute is stern justice,—one who is a severe judge, a harsh, exacting creditor. It was to remove this dark shadow, by revealing to the world the infinite love of God, that Jesus came to live among men. He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Show us the Father?

This was His work. He went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed by Satan. His work gave evidence of His divine anointing. And now, O Father, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was. His life; His heart went out in tender sympathy to the children of men. Even little children were attracted to Him. They loved to climb upon His knees and gaze into the pensive face, benignant with love.

He exercised the greatest tact and thoughtful, kind attention in His intercourse with the people. He was never rude, never needlessly spoke a severe word, never gave needless pain to a sensitive soul.

He did not censure human weakness. He spoke the truth, but always in love. He denounced hypocrisy, unbelief, and iniquity; but tears were in His voice as He uttered His scathing rebukes. He wept over Jerusalem, the city He loved, which refused to receive Him, the way, the truth, and the life.

His life was one of self-denial and thoughtful care for others. Every soul was precious in His eyes. While He ever bore Himself with divine dignity, He bowed with the tenderest regard to every member of the family of God. In all men He saw fallen souls whom it was His mission to save. Such is the character of Christ as revealed in His life.

This is the character of God. He permitted Him to leave the bosom of His love, the adoration of the angels, to suffer shame, insult, humiliation, hatred, and death. Behold Him in the wilderness, in Gethsemane, upon the cross! The spotless Son of God took upon Himself the burden of sin. He who had been one with God, felt in His soul the awful separation that sin makes between God and man.

It was the burden of sin, the sense of its terrible enormity, of its separation of the soul from God—it was this that broke the heart of the Son of God. No, no!

The Father loves us, not because of the great propitiation, but He provided the propitiation because He loves us. Christ was the medium through which He could pour out His infinite love upon a fallen world. God suffered with His Son. In the agony of Gethsemane, the death of 14 Calvary, the heart of Infinite Love paid the price of our redemption. In becoming your Substitute and Surety, by surrendering My life, by taking your liabilities, your transgressions, I am endeared to My Father; for by My sacrifice, God can be just, and yet the Justifier of him who believeth in Jesus.

Only He who knew the height and depth of the love of God could make it manifest. He gave Him to the fallen race. Christ was to identify Himself with the interests and needs of humanity.

He who was one with God has linked Himself with the children of men by ties that are never to be broken. And all this that man might be uplifted from the ruin and degradation of sin that he might reflect the love of God and share the joy of holiness.

What a value this places upon man! Through transgression the sons of man become subjects of Satan. Through faith in the atoning sacrifice of Christ the sons of Adam may become the sons of God. By assuming human nature, Christ elevates humanity. Children of the heavenly King! Precious promise! Theme for the most profound meditation! The matchless love of God for a world that did not love Him!

The thought has a subduing power upon the soul and brings the mind into captivity to the will of God. He said that he had received real blessing, but the thing that astonished me was that his letterhead showed that he was one of the leaders in Seventh Day Adventism which most certainly denies all the essentials which my teaching seeks to reflect from the Bible.

I wrote him that I would like to talk with him and warned him that I believed his teaching to be absolutely Satanic. I have been out of town, but correspondence has followed and a luncheon engagement is pending. My latest word from him is a letter introducing a little book, devotional in nature, which he says represents his personal philosophy of salvation and he asks me to mark portions that are unscriptural.

White, founder of the cult. A few lines farther the preface says that it is designed to direct the footsteps of the doubting and the halting into the pathway of peace. But because I was expecting to have luncheon with a leader of this cult I decided to go further.

Humanity could not endure the vision of his glory for a moment; only through the Son could they come to him. In seeing and hearing the Son, they saw and heard the Father. He is Mediator between God and his disobedient children. There is no testimony to the love of God outside of the Word of God. But if you watch that same field you will see the wind rise, the rains roar, the branches of the trees snap, and death take over the scene.

Scripture asks us to consider other things of nature, such as the raven Luke and the ant Prov. There Ellen White agreed with him. Jesus Christ, can take the love of God and bring it from the cross and put in on top of a hostile nature.

The Bible says, categorically, that there are only two things of God which may be found in nature, even His eternal power and godhead Rom. The contrary is true. The writer then says that God supplies the daily needs of His creatures. Are ye not much better than they? God even says that the unsaved man does not know that the goodness of God is set forth as that which should lead a man to repentance Rom.

Man is dead in trespasses and sins. Thus, it is addressing those with whom God has already begun a work in their hearts. John ; ; Gal. As if God would have to seek to do anything! He tells us plainly, as we have seen, that He has revealed His 42 We remind the reader that the premise of the book is that this is for an individual who is already seeking after God. This book or any portion thereof may not be copied or reproduced in any form or manner whatever, except as provided by law, without the written permission of the publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages in a review.

This book was written to provide truthful information in regard to the subject matter covered. The author assumes full responsibility for the accuracy of all facts and quotations as cited in this book.

This book is sold with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in giving spiritual, legal, medical, or other professional advice.

White as accurately as this one. Born into a family where the deeper values of life took priority over social standing, surrounded by the grueling poverty of the early 's and severely handicapped, she found herself elevated from mediocrity to a position of guiding leadership in a great church, her actions aided and directed by a seemingly endless number of inspired revelations. Surrounded by the throes of a great religious awakening, she emerged from obscurity in , after her first vision, and soon found herself guiding a small band of devoted religious believers through disappointments, Civil War, Reconstruction and finally the climactic years surrounding the turn of the century.

But she did more than that. Her spiritual, medical and nutritional insight, gained through more than two thousand visions and prophetic dreams, provided her with a knowledge that was in many cases more than a hundred years ahead of her time.

Medical researchers and nutritional experts still marvel at the forsightedness and accurate diagnoses of this woman, who, with only a third-grade education, managed to predict and guide health-related research to a point even beyond that which we have already reached today. Yet, she remained humble. Today, in a time when supernaturalism has again captured the minds of the masses through astrology and predictions forecasting calamitous events, the facts seem to indicate that even though many psychics claim to have "the answer," they solve no problems.

They merely diagnose the symptoms, not the cause. It is here that Ellen White shows her true greatness, for she goes deeper than any psychic ever has, and to confuse her inspired insight with the counsel of "spiritual seers" would be the greatest inaccuracy. Many more than ever are now turning to Ellen White, for during her lifetime and presently through her books, she not only counsels and guides, but she also points to the cause of all human miseryoften illustrating it vividly by describing scenes shown to her while in vision.

Was she really a prophet? By comparing her life and work to that of the ancient prophets, and by using the tests of the ten criteria true prophets have to meet, many are convinced she was, even though she actually never boastfully laid claim to such distinction. Her introduction to a direct involvement with the prophetic power was marked by simple dignity, when, during a quiet moment of prayer, she felt taken up [ix] into heaven and brought into the presence of the heavenly host.

I can see no further than the angel directs me. My attention is often directed to scenes transpiring upon earth.

Then again I am shown things as they have occurred in the past. White Estate offices in Washington, D. Among the manuscripts held there are those of the thirty-seven books she wrote and published during her lifetime, and those of the thirty-two books published since her death, compiled from unpublished or out-of-print material.

So tremendous is the appeal of her writings that some of her booksall hardbacks have been sold in the millions, and have been translated into more than one hundred languages.

Taking her writings as an aid to a deeper understanding of the Bible, and to prophecy in general, it becomes quite apparent that the years ahead will be wrought in more controversy and hate than any other period in recorded history.

After having witnessed in vision the final events shaping the last climactic battle of the ages in true prophetic form, she described the outcome thus: "The great controversy is ended. Sin and sinners are no more. The entire universe is clean. One pulse of harmony and gladness beats through the vast creation.

From Him who created all, flow life and light and gladness through the realms of illimitable space. From the minutest atom to the greatest world, all things, animate and inanimate, in their unshadowed beauty and perfect joy, declare that God is love. Rene Noorbergen Fairfax, Virginia December, 1. Ellen G. White, Early Writings, pp.

The Review and Herald, July 26, White, The Great Controversy, p. Psychics Versus Prophets 2. A Humble Life 3. The Enlightened Prophet 4.

Science Catches Up with a Prophet 5. Unmasking the Mastermind 6. A Two-Pronged Controversy 7. Wilson, a good friend, who, as a man with vision, greatly encouraged me in the writing of this book from the moment of its conception.

His dedication to this project will always linger in my mind as a true example of sincere devotion. Yet, encouragement and trust alone are never sufficient, and Arthur L. White Estate, will always be remembered as the man who willingly placed all his knowledge and research on the subject of his grandmother at my disposal.

Without him, the task would have been nigh impossible. His friendship, too, is greatly valued. But there were others. Kenneth Wood's careful reading of the slowly developing manuscript, the advice of D. Delafield, and the untiring cooperation of other members of the Ellen G. White Estate also will not be forgotten. The endless hours she spent on revisions, editing and research, not to mention her work on the final manuscript, saved many a valuable day.

Learning from Ellen White Books and Writings

If real teamwork ever produced a readable book, then this one should certainly be considered! It was only days since the devastating earthquake had demolished the teeming metropolis, and in its wake was left nothing but ruins, death and a deep, deep hurt. Torn by compassion and understanding, she viewed the crumbling buildings, occasionally nodding her head in recognition as she compared actuality to the memory of what had been shown to her in vision.

Gazing through the dusty windows of the rattling carriage, she fastened her misty eyes on the ravaged streets that had been visited by the wrath of God and sadly watched the demolition crews tear frantically at the remains of the once-so-proud buildings, hoping against all odds to uncover still more survivors of the quake. Breathing the overpowering stench of death and destruction that engulfed the city like a shroud, she stared in [4] shocked bewilderment at what the hand of God had wrought.

Slowly, carefully, the horses picked their way across the tons of rubble and broken glass strewn over the creviced streets, reaching for solid ground, forced on by the merciless whip of a grumbling coachman. Amidst the still falling debris and occasional wispy fingers of smoke that pointed skyward, he muttered under his breath and thought of his strange mission.

Business was bad. Everything had virtually come to a standstill after the terrifying quake that had hit the city on April 18, It had been so destructive that some still called it the "judgment of God"; and the idea of taking sightseers, tourists, into his wrecked city and share with them his own private hurt was almost too much.

Yet, they wanted to see the city and they'd already paid for it. So, with poorly controlled greed, he had nodded his agreement, flung open the door to his carriage and had harnessed the horses. After all, for him it was just another joband he needed it badly! But for her, the graying old lady, it marked the beginning of an agonizing appraisal of the judgment of God pronounced over a city that had become too evil to be ignored, most of all by the Almighty One.

Together with her son, W. White, the wife of her private secretary, C. Crisler, and her niece, May Welling, Ellen White roamed through the city, her eyes constantly wandering over the distressing panorama that met her scrutinizing look. The cries of the hundreds of dying and wounded had long since faded out into the vastness of [5] eternity, yet the lingering echo of death was still very evident, and the fleeting expressions of guilt on the faces of the workmen and passersby made it seem as if they felt somehow responsible for the tragedy.

Choking from clouds of stony dust, the foursome witnessed the awesome results of the destruction of a doomed city. Ellen White sawand trembled. Regarded as a prophet by many and as a woman with a deep spiritual insight by others, she had seen the destruction of San Francisco pass before her mind's eye as early as when she warned: "Not long hence these cities will suffer under the judgments of God.

In fire and flood and earthquake He is warning the inhabitants of the earth of His soon approach. All the world will be warned that there is a God who will display His authority as God. His unseen agencies will cause destruction, devastation and death. A year passed during which time many of her inspired counsels were received and heeded, but San Francisco and Oakland remained under the waiting ax of the Eternal Judge.

Not only Ellen White, but others also seemed to sense that the great city of the West was rapidly approaching a point [6] of no return in the race to reach the absolute summit of immorality.

Ellen G. White Estate: eBooks (Steps to Christ)

A flood of revival meetings, religious crusades and scores of independent Bible workers begged the sinking city to repent, but time went on, and nothing changed. Ellen White's anxiety increased. During the spring of , while working on the final drafts of one of her books at her home in St.

Helena, in Northern California, her distress grew immeasurably. It was during her planned visit to Southern California that she received the final vision that spelled out the doom for the debauched city. Traveling south to attend the dedicatory services of Paradise Valley Sanitarium near San Diego and Loma Linda Sanitarium in San Bernardino County, she had no foreboding that these days would be the decisive ones. This soon changed, however, when the last scenes of the devastating disaster were revealed to her in a vision on April 16, a mere two days before the quake.

Buildings, great and small, were falling to the ground. Pleasure resorts, theaters, hotels, and the homes of the wealthy were shaken and shattered. Many lives were blotted out of existence, and the air was filled with the shrieks of the injured and the terrified. One touch, and buildings so thoroughly constructed that men regarded them as secure against every danger quickly became heaps of rubbish. There was no assurance of safety in any place.

I did not feel in any special peril, but the awfulness of the scenes that passed before me I cannot find words to describe. It seemed the forbearance of God was exhausted, and the judgment day had come. Those who choose to remain disloyal, must be visited in mercy with judgments, in order, that, if possible, they may be aroused to a realization of the sinfulness of their course.

Historians who have thoroughly studied the affairs of the city on the day prior to the terrifying catastrophe testify that there was nothing to indicate that the thriving metropolis was virtually on the brink of annihilation. There were no telltale signs pointing toward a shifting of the earth's crust. Business was as usual. Skid row was still going strong, deepening its alcoholic stupor with each passing hour, while the San Francisco brothels, known nationwide for their excessive aberrations, were experiencing an activity as never seen before.

If the wrath of God was casting a shadow of its imminent judgment ahead, the city was blinded by its crime, corruption, vice and general lawlessness. Then it happened. At A. Gulf after gulf of raw uncontrolled power pulsated savagely through the crumbling streets, mixing its threatening thunder with the cries of the dying. Yet, to the night people, the morning itself seemed soft and innocent. Virgin spring had filled the dawn with a [8] tremulous light, making the morning lovely enough for the birth of a world.

But when the sun hid behind the ravishing flames that night, all creation seemed to have died in the fire. Shocked, aghast, the unbelieving crowd stared at the smoldering ruins of their stricken city. Wringing their hands in quiet agony, they watched the smoke rise to the heavens from the still-active flames and silently waited for the expected news of the devastation of other major cities, for there was no doubt in their minds that the end of the world had come!

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Much has been written concerning the true effects of the San Francisco earthquake of April 18, Colliers Magazine published one of the most accurate accounts thus far.

According to the magazine, the "judgment of San Francisco" destroyed city blocks and left between , and , homeless. Close to people perished during the first few hours of the quake and the resulting fires. More than 1, were injured, many of them seriously. Property was destroyed at the rate of one million dollars every ten minutes, for, while the earthquake itself caused considerable damage, far greater devastation was wrought by the fires which at times burned with blast-furnace heat, ranging up to 2, degrees Fahrenheit.

For the first few hours after the quake, telegraph lines went wild. Chicago was in flames, a tidal wave had engulfed Seattle. New York had toppled into the sea. Confusion and chaos were besetting the world. San Francisco's fateit seemed to themwas merely a tick of the clock of doomsday. When all the figures were in, the economic losses were disastrous.

More than four hundred million dollars worth of damage was caused by the tragedy, and several insurance companies went bankrupt trying to pay off the resulting claims. A newsboy's high-pitched voice suddenly brought back the memory of the visions she had received in clear and vivid detail about he destruction of San Francisco.

A prophecy had literally been fulfilled. The prophet wept. Philosophers will readily agreeas will most serious-minded historiansthat when the time is ripe for a historical event of major proportion, the right man will rise to the occasion. Many times during the centuries, this thought has prevailed; for strangely enough, whenever social upheaval or political strife necessitated unorthodox measures, extraordinarily gifted statesmen, conquerors or psychic seers have appeared on the scene, interjecting their often unsolicited advice into an already explosive situation.

Few will wish to dispute the actions of historical statesmen, for, like the conquerors, they have become one with the history they helped forge, never to rise again. When we deal with psychic seers of old, however, it is a different matter, for they claimed to be able to see beyond their time and projected decisions that surround our lives today.

They "peeked" into the events taking place in our century, and inasmuch as we live with and in the history they projected, they the psychics are still ours to deal with. When the French astrologer Nostradamus attained his professional summit early in the sixteenth century and published his profound collection of prophecies in a book entitled [10] The True Centuries , he "reached" far beyond his days. Most of his prophecies covered time periods of hundreds of years, and many uncommitted searchers-for-truth regarded them as true revelations from the gods.

This unreserved acceptance opened up the way for a grand revival of an old phenomenon: that of supernatural intervention in the daily affairs of manand it skyrocketed Nostradamus to fame. Born in the tumultuous age of Henry II and his wife Caterina de' Medici he attempted through his prophecies to relieve the pressures brought on by the political and social uncertainties that existed in these days and tried to substitute for them a highly developed degree of reliance on the unexplained phenomena of the supernatural.

So far-reaching were many of his predictions that even today most of the world's best-known psychics have built their reputations on a carefully contrived rehash of his major prophecies. There are a number of reasons that account for Nostradamus' popularity. In his day, astrologythe divination of the supposed influence of the stars on human affairs and terrestrial events by their position and aspectswas highly fashionable, and by claiming to have arrived at his predictions through a study of the stars, he gained instant fame.

Then, too, faith in the power of witchcraft also played an important role in sixteenth-century life, and this also added its weight. A study of his predictions place his P.

Prophetic Accuracy Quotient in the percent-plus class, a psychic record difficult to match. Whether, however, he received his inspiration as a medium consulting the so-called spirits of the deador as an astrologer is really immaterial, as both methods are unreservedly condemned in the Bible as heathen and idolatrous practices.

A clairvoyant he may have been, a prophet of Biblical dimension he most definitely was not. But this did not in [11] the least dim his popularity, and the Europeans who swarmed to America's shores in the early days of this country's history brought with them the weird tales and awesome predictions of the French seer. Fortunately their effect on the early development of this country was barely noticeable, except in New England where witchcraft and religion clashed violently.

In the United States, the first half of the nineteenth century was a period of relative calm, both socially and economically. We were a pastoral people, living off rapidly spreading blotches of civilization, areas where the local community was thought to be the center of the world. But with the influx of immigrants, America changed, and so did its ways. With agrarian reform just around the corner, the convulsive development of industry and the feverish dreams of riches and fame funneled the youth of the land into the growing cities.

Soon the results of tha economic expansion began to show as the stresses and strains of the uncontrolled growth began to appear.

Community life burst at the seams as the old ways made place for new sins. While much of the population was n agreement with the new trend, the more conservative-minded took up a renewed study of the old, proved Biblical principles. Having as background not only the Bible, but also the folklore and traditional tales of the early psychic seers as well, they, in their desperation, decided to take a deeper interest in the "dark" prophetic books of the Bible, Daniel and Revelation.

Within a short period of time, some began to draw detailed comparisons between the sociological and moral upheaval of America of the early 's to that existing in the days of Noah. Strangely enough, while most theologians accepted the retreat back to Noah's days without much concern, the Christian laity took it upon itself to find Biblical answers for the perplexing problems that faced them.

Unknown to one another, small groups of Christian lay-members [12] formed and initiated deep, thorough studies of the Biblical prophecies, focusing their attention on Daniel, Revelation and the prophetic chapters of the Book of Matthew.

For many years a religious re-awakening had been expected, based on the philosophy that man's self-serving ways will ultimately lead him to his own destruction, but now, however, for the first time, Biblical prophecies were drawn into this expectation giving a firmer basis to this conviction. With fear and wonder these groups witnessed the gradual unfolding of the prophecies, but no matter how intensely they probed, the exact timing of the climactic events of the "last days" of human history stayed shrouded in mystery.

It remained for an ex-U. Army captain, William Miller War of , to make the discovery that was to become the backbone for the religious reformers.

For fourteen long yearsfrom to he diligently studied the Bible prophecies, comparing them to known historical events, and when he finally ventured into the open with the results of his investigation, he was ready to promote and preach that which he had discovered.

His study had been intense; the conclusion was frightening. He noted that while prophecies are generally couched in figurative language, they are fulfilled literally. He observed this not only by comparing scripture with scripture, but also by comparing scripture with history.

As I regarded the evidence, [13] I could arrive at nc other conclusion. I was thus brought, in Odile for the Germans and those of St. Himes, Josiah Litch, Joseph Bates and others, soon began to preach the Second Coming of Christ, an event he felt would coincide with other happenings foretold for the year The predictions of the old clairvoyants and psychic seers had not as yet run their course, but Biblical time-prophecies had, and the consequent feeling of approaching doom among the conservative religious believers was terrifying.

The world was indeed ripe for new spiritual counselnot to replace the Bible but to strengthen it. Ellen Harmon became the channel.

Was she indeed a prophet or merely a psychic? The answer to this is partly hidden in the events surrounding the year With Biblical timeprophecies running out, the time was not only ripe for new spiritual counsel, but also for new spiritual movements. Confused and weary, people were ready to accept anything that would bring them in closer touch with the Unknown. A simple knock on the wall of a lowly wooden shack provided advantageous use of this susceptibility, creating a religion that embraced the world before the end of that century.

These became known as the 'Raps of Hydesville. That particular night they were awakened by mysterious soundsdistinct rappings, or knockingsthat could be heard all over the house. Splitfoot, do as I do. She then held up her fingersa different number each timeasking 'Splitfoot' to tell the number of fingers indicated.

As correct answers were rapped out, Katie observed, 'It can see as well as hear. Fox then asked the 'noise' to tell how many children she had six living and one dead and their ages. These were given, including the one who had died. So a 'code of communication' was developed.

The unseen intelligence then indicated that it was the 'spirit' of a murdered peddler whose body had been buried in the cellar. It was seeking a human instrument through whom to acquaint the world with the facts of the man's mysterious disappearanceand to prove that his spirit still lived.

At that time, Spiritualism as it soon became known was regarded by churchmen with aversion, and had no semblance of a religion, much less any form or organization as a church.

Though given hostile reception at firstfor mobs gathered, violence was threatened and the Fox family was castigated as sensational fakers seeking notorietytremendous [15] changes soon took place. By , in six short years, Spiritualism had extended to every part of the United States, and was active in Europe. At the close of another decade, the claimed number of mediums practicing in the United States was thirty thousand.

Judge J. Edmonds, of the New York Supreme Court, who became a Spiritualist in , computed the number of American followers to be some three million. By the 's Spiritualism had reputedly spread over the entire surface of the earth.

It excited the wronders of many jurists, scientists, philosophers, physicians, editors, poets, clergymen, statesmen and educators. Even the eleventh edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica states that Spiritualism has 'spread like an epidemic'"6 There is little doubt that the main attraction of this spirit-guided movement was the promise of becoming "one" with the mysterious and the weird, and it gave the believers a chance to become the "confidants" of invisible masters.

Its spread was so explosive and so frightening that it led Katie Fox, one of the sisters who introduced the phenomenon to the people, finally to confess bitterly to a journalist of the New York Herald October 9, : "I regard Spiritualism as one of the greatest curses the world has ever known.Steps to Christ.

May the heavenly vision be repeated to many as they read this story of the way of life. The Work and The Life.

Steps to Christ

White, the wife of her private secretary, C. Counsels for the Church; 8. Here are thrilling stories of fierce persecutions and unswerving loyalty to God. In these pages can vividly be seen dramatic evidences of the raging struggle between God and Satan for the hearts of men and women. For temptation requires the possibility of succumbing. Whereas psychics proudly claim to have the Spirit of Prophecy, Ellen was wary of it, for she regarded her inspiration as a privilege, a sacred trust, and instead of boasting of her supernatural experience, she tried to hide it.

Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.

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