Doctor and author Robin Cook is widely credited with introducing the word ' medical' to the thriller genre, and decades after the publication of his Editorial Reviews. Review. “Spellbinding Host is Robin Cook at his very best.” —Suspense download a site site eBooks site Unlimited Prime Reading Best Sellers & More site Book Deals Free Reading Apps site Singles Newsstand . Editorial Reviews. bloccocverbnerbe.cf Review. Robin Cook, master of bestselling medical thrillers, download a site site eBooks site Unlimited Prime Reading Best Sellers & More site Book Deals Free Reading Apps site Singles Newsstand.

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One of Cook's most successful--and timely—bestsellers. Contagion is a Pages download. Contagion by Robin Cook. Ebook. Dec 01, | Pages. download. The soul of evil'The master of the medical thriller' New York Times. Robin Cook. Ebook It is Robin Cook at his unerring best. Books by Robin Cook · Book cover for Critical. Critical. Robin Cook. Ebook · Book cover for Genesis.

Join Reader Rewards and earn your way to a free book! Join Reader Rewards and earn points when you download this book from your favorite retailer. Paperback —. download the Audiobook Download: Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks.

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Praise "Master of the medical thriller. Related Articles. Looking for More Great Reads? Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Download Hi Res. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

He just hopes it happens after he's dead! I think about the future of publishing a great deal. As site continues to rise and rise, we see the push back of many different industries against their domination.

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There are calls for big tech to be broken up and increased regulation for online retail, so who knows what the next five years will hold?

That's why I am part of the Alliance of Independent Authors because we are stronger together. Of course, most authors have a job or other forms of income, so site is not their only source. I just wanted to explain my own background and decisions as a full-time author-entrepreneur.

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You can hear about my travels on my other podcast and blog, Books and Travel. My perspective is always global and yet so much of the independent author movement is US-centric. Fair enough, it started there, but the world is changing and the adoption of digital technologies and mobile-first economies will change the way the world works by site may be the biggest player in the developed digital markets like US, UK, Canada, and Australia, but there are other retail stores and devices that dominate in other countries, plus there are exciting possibilities for where the digital world is heading.

If you stay with site exclusively for e-books you're missing out on selling your books on other retail stores like Kobo, Apple Books, or on Google Play. The latter is particularly interesting because there are 1 billion Google devices around the world now [ CNET ] with growth in developing markets that use cheaper Android phones.

Many new markets are mobile first. If you publish wide, your books can be for sale in countries and across apps that you have never even heard of through distributors like Draft2Digital, PublishDrive, Streetlib, and Smashwords.

To stay up to date with global publishing news, check out The New Publishing Standard. Scammers, quality issues and the perception of KU and self-publishing There are absolutely lots of great authors with fantastic books behaving ethically in KU, but there are also a lot of scammers, as reported by David Gaughran on multiple occasions and in a recent article: site Unlimited: A Cheater Magnet.

Book-stuffing to expand page reads, charts flooded with ghostwritten books, and more recently, the plagiarism of copypastecris, which Nora Roberts is trying to tackle by suing the author involved. This bad behavior continues to proliferate because the KU model encourages it.

These scandals take us back to the old days of indie when we had to defend the quality of self-published work. From a reader perspective, KU and the rise of site ads have made it harder and harder to find books I want to read on the store.

Long term thinking I understand why so many authors choose to stay exclusive with site. Publishing wide is an attitude, not just a technical choice.

When you have a long-term business model, every asset you put in the world helps sell the other assets. I'm not so concerned with e-book sales in launch week, I'm concerned with the long-tail income for the rest of my life. I measure my life by what I create. I focus on creating books, getting them out in every format I can, in every country I can, on every device I can, and then, I know that these sales come, but they take time. Wide distribution is a long term mindset.

It takes time to grow your audience at other stores and having multiple books in a series as well as boxsets can be the best way to gain reader loyalty and sales for the long term.

The more books you have, the more you can play with different options. When you have multiple books, you can adopt multiple strategies.

So writing more books in different series for different readers is the ideal situation and then you can have some in Select and some wide. The best of both worlds!

Some authors release a whole series in KU and then make it wide all at once along with a boxset edition. This way, you can still reach libraries and bookstores with your words rather than being locked inside the site eco-system. How to go wide with ebooks If you are in KU currently, the first thing to do is uncheck the auto-enroll button and note the date that your books come out of KU.

You will need an ePub version of your book to publish on the other stores, whereas site requires a mobi. There are lots of free formatting options now, although I choose to use Vellum because then I can control and test the output.

There are hundreds of sites that sell ebooks across the world right now and there is no way to individually publish to them all. Plus, you want to spend your time writing, not updating multiple publishing sites.

Luckily for us, there are aggregators who will publish your books to multiple vendors while taking a small percentage of sales in return. I publish direct to site KDP and Kobo Writing Life because I want to retain control of my pricing and my biggest income sources as well as take advantage of their promotions which are only available for direct publishers.

You can also use Smashwords , which has a store where readers can download direct as well as an aggregator service.

You have to decide what works best for your book and your own publishing process over time. It takes time to build an audience if you put your books wide.

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You can't expect to load your books up to a new retailer and expect them to sell straight away. You need time in that market and promotions over time. Moving your books in and out of Select will stop you from building readership on the other platforms.

More on marketing wide below. Go wide with print There is no KU for print, no exclusivity for paperbacks, but if you're site-only for print, you're not going to get your book into physical bookstores, you're not going to get into libraries, you're not going to get into schools or anywhere else that requires a discount on your print book, or anywhere that has an issue with site — as most physical retail stores do because of the impact site has on their business model.

Think about how a bookstore makes money. They download books at a discount e. They cannot download your books on site and they generally don't want to anyway. They can't make any money that way.

The same applies to libraries and schools, literary festivals and other forms of print retail. They distribute books to 39, retailers including bookstores, libraries, schools, and universities. They have a Global Connect program and printers in different global locations as well as ensuring your book is in the catalogs that book downloaders order from. You can do various print formats with IngramSpark including print-on-demand hardbacks, which I love.

Plus, it makes my author brand super professional to have ebook, paperback, hardback, large print, and audiobook editions. My large print sales are also growing. My books have also appeared on physical bookstore shelves as well as next to big-name authors at literary festivals because those retailers can order direct from the catalogs and get a discount. In episode of the podcast, David Hendrickson explains how he does bulk sales into schools through Ingram Spark.

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Plus, check out the interview on getting your books into bookstores and libraries with Debbie Young here. You may decide to use an imprint name as I do with Curl Up Press. My books for sale at a literary festival When you publish your paperback through KDP Print, do not select the extended distribution option. If you have already published there, just go in and de-select it later. IngramSpark have lots of help videos and also a podcast, Go Publish Yourself , if you want to learn more about them.

The lovely Robin Cutler speaks at a lot of conferences as well and they are always at book fairs and expos, so go along and talk about your situation. Find the most appropriate for your books. You will need to choose a discount percentage.

Some authors say that you should select the deepest discount possible as that makes it more likely that stores will download from you. I also select Non-returnable because returns can mean you end up out of pocket. My book in Blackwells Edinburgh! You can order a proof copy and make any changes and approve for distribution. There are minor charges for publication and distribution but again, check for discount codes. Thanks to Alice Rosewell who sent me her thoughts on going wide with print.

She notes that you need to set aside some time to get everything ready and you have to remember why you want to do this as there may be some technical frustrations along the way. Go wide with audio Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment of the publishing market and more opportunities arise every month for authors who want to get their books into audio format.

Google Auto, Apple Carplay and site Alexa make streaming audio in cars easier than ever, boosting commuter listening. The site Echo, Google Home, and other smart speakers have brought audio into the home and families are listening to more audio to avoid screentime. Listeners can get great value audio subscriptions with Audible, Kobo Audio, Scribd, Storytel and other services, plus library users can borrow audiobooks through local providers.

Most traditionally published authors have licensed their audiobook rights and many of those will never be turned into audio, so indies have the advantage of a faster response to this growing market. The number of audiobooks available right now is considerably smaller than print or ebooks, so you have more of a chance of standing out.

What is exclusivity for audio?

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Exclusivity for audio means publishing through ACX and choosing the exclusive contract option, which means your audiobooks will only be available on site, Audible, and iTunes. If you are in those countries, you can still choose the non-exclusive contract if you pay a narrator outright for your audio production, or if you do it privately and then upload later.

Going wide and other options for audio You can license your audiobook to a professional company e. You can license your audio rights separately to your other rights, so if you are traditionally published, check whether you still have your audio rights and in which territories as you may be able to get it into other markets yourself. If you have licensed the rights but the publisher has not produced an audiobook, try to get those rights back.

If you want to manage audio rights yourself and reach all the various audiobook platforms, then you can use FindawayVoices. There are other services but I personally use Findaway and they are fantastic for indies. If you already publish through Draft2Digital, you can use their link and get the initial setup fee waived. I love this model and have already started to see this come in for some of my books.

Findaway has a new service, Voices Share , where you can do royalty split deals with narrators.I love reading! It is Robin Cook at his unerring best. Wide distribution is a long term mindset. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.

Indie authors can only be in KU if they opt in with KDP Select as above, although some exceptions are made for big sellers. If you have already published there, just go in and de-select it later. The number of ways to market your wide books is pretty much unlimited, but as always, you need to know your target market and where to find them. It was well written - as expected from Robin Cook, but a bit disappointing.

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