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Read Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Finally after four hit novels Carrie Fisher comes clean well sort of with the crazy truth that is her life in her first-ever memoir In Wishful Drinking. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. Fisher has fictionalized her life in several novels (notably Postcards from the Edge), but her first.

I am truly a product of Hollywood. When two celebrities mate, something like me is the result. I grew up visiting sets, playing on backlots, and watching movies being made.

As a child, I thought that Father Knows Best was real and that my life was fake. When I think about it now, I may not have been far wrong.

I tell you all of this as a newly made bystander. As I have been reintroduced into my world by electroconvulsive therapy more commonly known as ECT for those oh-so-fortunately familiar with it and electroshock for those who are not —reintroduced to my life at the ripe old age of fifty-two. My memory—especially my visual memory—has been wrenched from me.

All of a sudden, I find that I seem to have forgotten who I was before. So, I need to reacquaint myself with this sort of celebrity person I seem to be. Someone who was in an iconic, blockbuster film called Star Wars.

How trippy is that? One thing I do recall is that one day when I was a toddler, I sat planted closely to the television set watching my mother in a movie called Susan Slept Here.

A kiss on the mouth. A romantic kiss. So, she has her eyes closed, waiting.

But instead of kissing her on the mouth, Mr. Powell bends down and kisses her on the forehead. I sit there, registering this and then look quickly over my shoulder to see if anyone else had seen what I saw. To see if I should be more embarrassed for my mother than I already was.

In my life, they tended to overlap. And characters that my mother played in movies became confused with the person who was and is my mother. So in a way, movies became home movies. Home became another place on the movie star map. When she made that film, she was nineteen and costarred with two men. I was also nineteen when I made Star Wars and appeared opposite two men.

How this is relevant, I have no idea. A Memoir. Debbie Reynolds. High On Arrival.

Wishful Drinking

Mackenzie Phillips. In Pieces. Sally Field. Fisher has fictionalized her life in several novels notably Postcards from the Edge , but her first memoir she calls it a really, really detailed personals ad proves that truth is stranger than fiction. There are more juicy confessions and outrageously funny observations packed in these honest pages than most celebrity bios twice the length.

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After describing how she underwent electroshock therapy for her manic depression, Fisher then sorts through her life as her memories return. She predicts that by the end of the book, you'll feel so close to me that you'll want to divorce me. At one point, this daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher one an icon, the other an arm piece to icons hilariously diagrams her family tree of Hollywood marriages and remarriages to make sure her daughter's potential date is not a relative.

Revealing that at 15 she got a vibrator for Christmas from her mother, she writes, You might be thinking that a lot of the stories I'm telling you are over the top With acerbic precision and brash humor, she writes of struggling with and enjoying aspects of her alcoholism, drug addiction and mental breakdowns.

Her razor-sharp observations about celebrity, addiction and sexuality demand to be read aloud to friends. All rights reserved. With acerbic precisions and brash humor, she writes of struggling with and enjoying aspects of her alcoholism, drug addiction and mental breakdowns.

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This author is an alcoholic and I am a bookaholic. When I start reading a book, I compulsively continue it, even if it's God-awful and I hate it.

This unfortunate quirk has caused me many a boring hour, but in this case I owe it a debt of gratitude. Which is a way of saying that the giddy, girly style of writing in the first chapter almost drove me insane.

Nothing but my reluctance to abandon a book kept me going. But then a miracle happened and the writing while informal and still WAY too full of whimsy settled down. By the second chapter, I was glued to Fisher's weird family diagram parents, sibling, spouses, step-parents, half-siblings, step-siblings, actresses, actors, singers, agents, artists, beauty queens, and a respected Chinese-American author and laughing hysterically.

Welcome to Hollywood. This is not a book you read to find out "what happened. Their lives may not have been any more troubled or eventful than many private citizens, but they were lived in full view of the public.

Old style Hollywood with its carefully groomed stars and jealously guarded publicity may be a thing of the past, but the celebrity machine is still cranking away even more furiously than when Eddie Fisher caused an international scandal by dumping his wholesome wife and marrying Liz Taylor who soon dumped HIM and married Richard Burton. Who cares? A lot of people, judging from the ink that was wasted on reporting every detail. Fisher herself grew up the daughter of two celebrities and became one herself at the tender age of 19 when she played Princess Leia in the Star Wars series.

She married a famous singer and then an agent, had a daughter, wrote books, and performed one-woman shows. She also abused drugs and alcohol, attended AA meetings, was in and out of mental hospitals, was diagnosed as bi-polar, and underwent electroshock therapy. You could say she's lived a "full life. She comes across as brutally honest, especially about her own problems and mistakes. In Wishful Drinking , adapted from her one-woman stage show, Fisher reveals what it was really like to grow up a product of "Hollywood in-breeding," come of age on the set of a little movie called Star Wars, and become a cultural icon and bestselling action figure at the age of nineteen.

Intimate, hilarious, and sobering, Wishful Drinking is Fisher, looking at her life as she best remembers it what do you expect after electroshock therapy?

It's an incredible tale: Wishful Drinking , the show, has been a runaway success. Entertainment Weekly declared it "drolly hysterical" and the Los Angeles Times called it a "Beverly Hills yard sale of juicy anecdotes. She tells her true and outrageous story of her bizarre reality with her inimitable wit, unabashed self-deprecation, and buoyant, infectious humor.

The effect, ultimately, is extraordinarily painful while being extremely entertaining In her own defiant manner, she's fought the good fight.

Her stories bubble, bounce, and careen with an energy Get someone to read this rollicking book aloud to you. Spoken like a true princess. Fisher is unafraid to write, brutally and vividly. Wishful Drinking , though an extremely short book, is super salacious and entertaining.

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If you are a fan of Fisher's fiction, a follower of her mental illness or simply a looky-loo stargazer curious about her Hollywood heritage, Wishful Drinking will likely make you laugh. With acerbic precisions and brash humor, she writes of struggling with and enjoying aspects of her alcoholism, drug addiction and mental breakdowns.But for whatever reason, when my parents hooked up it had an extraordinary impact on the masses who bought fan magazines.

This book is a journey into how and why she became the hero known as Carrie Fisher. There is nothing poetic or soaring about this book, just a fellow journeyman telling their bittersweet tale of survival. She reveals all of her secrets and experiences. Hell, I still want to fit in with certain humans, but as you get older you get a little more discriminating.

Dec 2, ISBN: Maybe I was just grasping around for a sense of continuity.

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