Juniper Networks. NetScreen &. SSG Firewalls. Configuring. Rob Cameron Technical Editor. Brad Woodberg. Mohan Krishnamurthy Madwachar. Mike Swarm. five years focusing on network infrastructure and extranet security. His strengths include Juniper's NetScreen Firewall products,. NetScreen SSL VPN Solutions. Configuring Juniper Networks ® NetScreen & ® SSG Firewalls Rob Cameron Technical Editor Brad Woodberg Mohan Krishnamurthy Madwachar Mike Swarm .

Configuring Juniper Networks Netscreen & Ssg Firewalls Pdf

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Juniper Networks, Junos, Steel-Belted Radius, NetScreen, and ScreenOS If the SSG 5 or SSG 20 resets, at first, the device loads the configuration in the Flash. .. When a new connection initiated by certain admin comes at firewall. Juniper Networks, the Juniper Networks logo, JUNOS, NetScreen, ScreenOS, and .. private network (VPN) and firewall services for a branch office or a retail outlet. ▫. Juniper Networks, the Juniper Networks logo, NetScreen, and ScreenOS are registered trademarks .. SSG Series Hardware Installation and Configuration Guide . private network (VPN) and firewall services for small- and medium-sized companies /pdf.

Through both acquisition and internal development, Juniper has become a premier security vendor. The firewall product line has several tiers of appliances and systems.

These tiers allow you to choose the right hardware for your network, giving the precise fit for your needs. This firewall line is designed to allow you to use new enhanced software features to better help protect your network from attack.

The Secure Access series offers a clientless remote access solution as well as a collaboration tool.

With a clientless VPN approach, you remove the need for software deployment and management of the remote clients. You can easily deploy the SSL portal to thousands of users in mere hours. This is a great boon to any organization.

Also available in the SSL VPN product line is the secure meeting application, which allows for online collaborative meetings where users can share their desktops and engage in chat. These are secured by SSL.

You can use this feature to conduct presentations or to perform remote support. In recent years, access control for desktop PCs has become increasingly important. In the past organizations have focused primarily on protecting servers from external threats.

Configuring Juniper Networks NetScreen and SSG Firewalls

Today, new technologies allow companies to restrict access to the network itself, thereby allowing administrators to deny untrusted users from accessing the network and its available resources. The last part to the security product line is intrusion detection and prevention IDP. Whereas some products allow you only to detect incoming malicious traffic, the IDP allows you to fully prevent it from continuing on your network.

The IDP is a necessary device for any network.

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We will explore the core technologies of the Juniper firewalls. These are the frameworks that are used throughout this book.

This discussion will give you an idea of the features of the Juniper firewall and will prepare you to actually implement these solutions on it. Published Date: Page Count: Sorry, this product is currently out of stock. Flexible - Read on multiple operating systems and devices.

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Networking, Security, and the Firewall Chapter 2: Dissecting the Juniper Firewall Chapter 3: Deploying Juniper Firewalls Chapter 4: Policy Configuration Chapter 5: Advanced Policy Configuration Chapter 6: User Authentication Chapter 7: Routing Chapter 8: Experienced people can skip the opening chapters that start with even the networking firewall basics but this organizes and introduces the major concepts of ScreenOS configuration and I found it very helpful.

Configuring Netscreen Book at site. This is a great reference I use as a first stop for setting up new features.

It is a quick and dirty guide to how to perform specific functions. ScreenOS Cookbook Information page.

[PDF] Configuring Juniper Networks NetScreen & SSG Firewalls [Read] Full Ebook

Practice in a lab — If you have budget and perhaps spare equipment, you can download a layer 3 switch to setup a test lab. Netgear has some very inexpensive models now for this type of setup. The switch setup mimics the internet for the group of firewalls and you can setup even the multi-site hub and spoke examples in the concepts and examples guide.

You can also add a VMware server and connect the LAN side segments to put servers and workstations behind the various firewalls. The newest version of VMware supports trunking on the NIC so you can setup multiple segments with workstations or servers for the test lab. These switches can be picked up cheap on site if you watch for them.

You can pick up retiring servers to setup a VMware lab from your local craigslist or site.You can easily deploy the SSL portal to thousands of users in mere hours. Skim the table of contents for each volume and determine which features are applicable to your network.

You can also add a VMware server and connect the LAN side segments to put servers and workstations behind the various firewalls. A well-designed and properly implemented security infrastructure must be multitiered.

Configuring Juniper Networks NetScreen & SSG Firewalls

He is a network engineer that also prepped for the exam and shares this material. You can use the firewalls to provide enforcement or you can also use switches that are Zones are used to logically separate areas of the network.

The IDP is a necessary device for any network.

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