समर लभ [Summer Love] book. Read 74 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. There was crowd to see the entrance result in Central Departme. Books shelved as summer-love: The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han, समर लभ [Summer Love] by Subin Bhattarai, It's Not Summer Without You by Jenny. Summer Love is a Nepali novel by Subin Bhattarai published by Fine Print in Bhattarai's second book and first novel, the plot concerns college students at.

Summer Love Book

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A Philip K. Dick Award Finalist San Francisco Chronicle Recommended Book The year is and something new is sweeping across America: good vibes. My Summer of Love [Helen Cross] on *FREE* shipping on The movie has a better ending but I think the book is well worth the read. Read more. And because we still have some time left in the cold before we get there, these seven books about summer love can hold you over until you.

This guy, Atit is in love with a girl for 2 years.

The Big Book of Summer Love

She goes to Norway during the 3rd. Uhhh huh And then suddenly During t One of the worst books that I've ever come across. During this whole period, the boy doesn't even feel it necessary to give even the slightest hint to his parents that he's in love with this Newari girl and suddenly after the girl proposes of marriage, he informs his parents and that's it The girl's confrontation with her parents should have been written, rather it is shrugged under the carpet as if something not worthy of mention despite her parents disapproval being the biggest plot point.

The boy's meeting with the girl's father could have been written way more interestingly. Neither the writer succeeds in portraying kiran and the group as best friends.

We know they are a group and they are good friends just because the narrator constantly hovers around it. Could have been much better had it been shown by their actions. This Atit guy is "hey, I'll stalk the shit out of you until you confess to me" kind of a guy.

You'd think that her coming to Delhi just to marry this guy despite her parents' consent was sufficient enough reason to believe that she has chosen Atit over her parents but NO And that guy follows her to Norway just to convince her after all that's been done?

Summer Love

The author throws bits of thoughtful lines here and there which mostly are irrelevant or just over the top. Jan 13, Norbeen Baral rated it it was amazing. Most interesting book I read so far. Atit falls in love with the entrance topper Saya, while he ranked the lowest in the list. His quest to find who she was, finally pays off. They both fall in love , have intimate relations but no one knows about it.

To pursue their dream, they finally depart and Saya leaves for Norway and Atit becomes officer.

Saya is restless so s Most interesting book I read so far. With his friends Kiran and company they get married and leaves for Norway. Saya faces problem when she is back but couldn't share with Atit and Atit thinks that Saya has forgetten him. One day Saya leaves for London and doesn't communicate with Atit. This creates a misunderstanding between them and Atit feels ignored. He feels betrayed and has sexual relation with Susmita, the receptionist at his work.

Saya now feel betrayed and thinks he has affair with the girl. If he can move on with life, Why can't I? So, she breaks the communication with Atit and meets Sujan. She tries to forget Atit and gets convinced to marry Sujan. But doesn't, and the book ends with the misunderstanding. On his next book, Saya we find the other part of the story. Summer love is based on Atit's perspective. Saya is from Saya's perspective. Nice love story. Dec 11, Raju rated it really liked it.

Sep 06, Sagar Kc rated it it was amazing. Nov 06, Anup Shrestha rated it liked it. Dec 08, Lucky Adhikari rated it it was amazing. Nice novel. Feb 18, Kush Pandit rated it liked it. Mar 28, Sanjay Upreti rated it it was amazing. Its a love story. Dec 19, Pratyasha rated it really liked it Shelves: My heart is still heavy since I just finished reading it.

I'd taken the hint from the prologue that it could be a tragic story I hoped for a happy ending since the story at the start was really light and always left me asking for more cuteness, and more fluff; until I noticed the frustration in their relationship in the second half.

At some point, I seemed to have stopped hoping for a happy ending. Instead, I tried to accept the fact that it would turn out to be tragic. In the latter-half, everything was intense, it all seemed to be going too fast. And to be honest, I loved reading every paragraph, every sentence and every word of the book. Still, the ending somehow held me back from giving it 5 stars.

Summer Love

Yet, no matter how hard I try, I just can't figure out the reason she left the guy hanging. Her actions actually hurt me. But just how it seems, relationships are confusing. I'll probably get over it soon. However, I don't see it as the author's mistake.

I think he did a great job with this novel. The words he chose have taken a great part on keeping me on the edge of my seat, even with this typical romantic troupe. In short: I loved it. I feel like it left the readers hanging because of the open ending, but I'll forgive the author for that since it is said to be based on a true story.

A good read. What I'm mostly worried about is that it might be difficult for me to move on from this book for a few days. After reading this book what I can conclude is this is not written by professional writer or it's written by beginner. But every event and every line of novel reads reals. Due to events in known places like central TU and Some parts of India Due to one month long India tour, those places were no more unknown to me I became able to make image about each and every places in story.

But some question remained unanswered in my mind.

Why she went London? Is love of Saya just a play or is she bounded by some circumstances? Why Saya behaving like unknown to Mr Atit though he is her husband? If not novel will be no more complete.

It will remain incomplete. Oct 29, Pranav Dhakal rated it really liked it Shelves: It is cheesy. It is so dramatic type Jan 22, Sandesh Rajbhandari rated it really liked it.

I like this book as one of my first Nepali novel. I have no history of having read a proper Nepali novel and somehow I was forced to read this novel. A story describing the love during college which didn't stand as the time passed.

It says the dynamic story of our life and about how everything is so much untrue about life.

Though I won't try to write everything I read from the book here. But it's a pleasure to read this book. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. These summer love books have relationships that are sometimes ilicit or ill-advised — just blame the sunstroke for poor judgement — and sometimes they have earnest first loves, timeless affairs, and couples that find their way back to each other.

But no matter the situation, whether they're older or just learning what love means in their teenage years, they are definitely steamy.

You would expect nothing less than a summertime romance. You'll be picturing yourself rolling around in the surf with your crush, From Here To Eternity -style when you pick up one of these seven books. This is a no judgement zone.

Because summer is the time for freedom, taking risks, and going after the things you want, and while you're still trapped back home, away from the salt air of the beach, and stuck in the confines of your cubicle or classroom, you're going to need those vibes.

Judy Blume's adult classic Summer Sisters has steamy, confusing first love, between Caitlin and Von and Vix and Bru, that takes place over the course of summer after summer. But the real love story here is between BFFs Caitlin and Vix; a complicated, messy, passionate affair that has defined both of their lives, ever since Caitlin invited Vix along to the island with her family, and opened up her entire world. Belly's life is measured only by summers. The summers are when she travels to the beach house, next door to her mother's best friend Susannah and her two sons Conrad and Jeremiah.

But as she gets older, these simmering crushes on the two boys next door transform into something more serious, and Belly risks dividing the family she loves if she can't make a decision between the two loves of her life. TeamConrad, btw. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 24 March , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Cover picture of Summer Love. This article about a Nepalese novel is a stub.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Further suggestions might be found on the article's talk page.Sep 28, Sachin Joshi rated it really liked it.

site Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Refresh and try again. I loved how she challenged Toby to look outside of his anger so he can maybe have a better Summer than he's expecting Ms.

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And I didn't just read these stories, each revealing at once the absolute absurdity and magnificence of being alive; I savored them. Get A Copy. I boo boo'd and read book 2 first.

Jan 06, Richa Bhattarai rated it liked it. Emily Lucas rated it liked it Jun 16,

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